Sony Vaio Picturebook returns with 3G internet, 802.11n

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Sony has submitted a new design for a miniature laptop to the FCC, and it's similar to it's classic subnotebook, the Vaio Picturebook. It even inherits its model naming scheme, PCG-XXXX. From the documents, it appear there will be a PCG-1P1L and a PCG-1P2L, each running Windows. EVDO/3G WWAN, bluetooth and 802.11bgn radios were tested; one report indicates they're connected using PCIe, which will make for easy swaps. The only photo is of the back. It's about the same 9-10" length as other netbooks, but markedly less deep: an extended widescreen aspect ratio could be in the offing. This could resemble Intel's prototype MID devices, but there seem to be hinges there behind the battery slot, suggesting a netbook or UMPC-like clamshell form. A few days ago, Sony confirmed to us that the UX series of MicroPCs weren't coming back: here's why. Matches found for FCC ID 'AK8PCG1P1L' [FCC via Sony Insider]

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3 Responses to Sony Vaio Picturebook returns with 3G internet, 802.11n

  1. TheDude06 says:

    The vaio C1VN picturebook was the finest laptop I have ever owned. Still own it! Someone recently released a speedstep patch that lets it clock down from 600mhz, to 50mhz. squeaking even more ridiculous battery life out of it.

    one of the optional batteries was the same size as the ENTIRE rest of the machine, and got you roughly 18-24 hours of battery life in super battery life mode.

    I have a UX280p too and its junk. the keyboard truly is useless, and battery life is awful

  2. Charlie Stross says:

    The C1 series Picturebooks were nice machines. Shame it’s Sony, though: I gave up on ‘em long before their repeated DRM fiascos due to their utter inability to understand warranty cover and customer service.

  3. homodachi says:

    Yaaay! The last time Sony released a vaio in this form factor was in 2003, and I’ve been hoping they would bring it back! I hope they keep the trackpoint mouse.

    This news totally makes my day!

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