Stylophone reborn (again) on iPhone

It's cute that someone has made a Stylophone simulator for the iPhone, but there's no way I'm about to pay $6 just to dink around with a simulation of what was, let's face it, a fairly annoying little musical instrument in the first place. iStylophone product page [] Dübreq iStylophone purchase link [iTunes] (Thanks, Daniel!)
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10 Responses to Stylophone reborn (again) on iPhone

  1. SamF says:

    Let me tell you about some youngsters I’ve met. They’ve formed themselves into a stylophone group called — you’ll never believe this — they call themselves “Two Little Boys.”

  2. Asciinoid says:

    Hey, apologies to anyone who’s been looking for the cheaper Lmd64 version of the Stylophone app, but it’s (obviously) not available.

    Dubreq, the makers of the original, had licensed out the development rights to another developer. When they saw my app online, they sent me a take-down notice almost straight away, what with it contravening their trademarks, etc. I had a feeling that it would be the case, but it’s still a little disappointing. Anyhoo, I’ll be releasing a very similar app, with a different logo, skin and audio samples shortly…

  3. jbrandt says:

    What? No, Stylophones are awesome! Sheesh, man.

    Although you can get a real one for 20 bucks at thinkgeek these days, which, if you don’t already have an iphone, is much cheaper.

  4. StevieQ says:

    There’s also this one:

    which has the full 12 notes, for less $

  5. StevieQ says:

    I don’t know if this is better than this slightly older app:

  6. Chuck Taggart says:

    “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    Nothing that was involved in the creation of “Space Oddity” may be criticized. Nothing.

  8. bardfinn says:

    Oh, man. I am torn – torn like an old sweater.

  9. shutz says:

    When used as one of many other instruments in a song, the Stylophone has contributed to some really good songs.

    For instance, David Bowie used it on a few songs, notably “Space Oddity”.

    Check out the videos on this page:

    In particular, the person playing “Runaway” is really good.

  10. eti says:

    I bought a reissue Styylophone off ebay for about $18 last month.

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