77 gifts include Shuriken Magnets and sketchy bottle cap hole punch

Not all of Core77's holiday gift guide items are gems, but I like their two exclusive items quite a bit: The Shuriken Magnets ($19 a pair) have one tine removed, giving the impression they've been embedded in a target; and the "BottleBob" bottle cap punch ($21) that — provided it doesn't leave a little disc of metal in the bottom — makes drinking a soda with a straw "So fun it's possible!"* 77 under $77 gift guide [Core77.com] * This catchphrase is my Xmas gift to you, Core77.
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3 Responses to 77 gifts include Shuriken Magnets and sketchy bottle cap hole punch

  1. neurolux says:

    Where can I get Mentos small enough to fit in the little bottle cap hole?

  2. michaelportent says:

    Love that idea… the magnet one. I think when enough people spray themselves in the face with beer suds, the hole punch bottle opened will naturally die a deserved death.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the Texas hill country, maybe it’s Tennessee but it’s in Texas… a country store proprieter will punch a hole in a Mug Rootbeer bottle with an ice pick so the soda takes all afternoon to drink.
    No straw, you can only get a dribble at a time.

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