Flashcart makers have already figured out how to run homebrew on the DSi

The Nintendo DSi has been out for about a month, and flashcart manufacterer Acekart have already gotten around Nintendo's security measures against running homemade code... and, of course, pirated ROMs. Better yet, all of the DSi's new hardware like the camera and SD card are also accessible. This is a good thing. I can imagine the homebrew community doing some neat things with the camera, but honestly, I use DS flashcarts mostly so I don't need to worry about carrying around a large number of easily lost, stamp-sized DS games, instead only having to worry about loading up all of my purchased games on one. I'm not legally in the right, but I feel okay with it, and think it is absolutely daft that Nintendo has put all of this effort into stymying people like me, when they could have just released their own solution — internal memory combined with their own iTunes-like games download service — and removed any reason I might have had for financially supporting more nefarious flashcart companies like R4 who are helping drive the DS piracy market. Acekard [Official Site]
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