Too Late watches are too much

We're told these "Too Late" watches — just a simple digital, one-function watch in a plastic strap — are all the range in the land of Italy, where hipsteretti may wear two or three at a time. I've rarely met a cheap watch I didn't like and was about to toss a couple into my cart, despite their $30 price for a $.99 bit of pap, when I discovered the picture to the right. I take my fashion cues from Italian hooker vampires like everyone else, but something about the darkness seeping from that man's crotch is putting me right off. Once I can buy these by the pound in Chinatown I will totally sport a Rainbow Brite + globe-trotting stewardess look that will put all those vampiric hussies to shame. Too Late watch product page []
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3 Responses to Too Late watches are too much

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    A couple years ago when I was in highschool it seemed like all the gas stations were selling these probably because of the livestrong band craze.

  2. John Hudgens says:

    These *have* to available somewhere much cheaper – back when WALL-E came out, a local theater was handing out hundreds of rubber watches from Disney just like these to everyone…

  3. Tenn says:

    Anyone -else- feel curiously… intrigued… by the watch wearing cucumber? I have never in my life time come across a cucumber that finds it necessary to wear a watch… until now.

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