Daily Archives: December 4, 2008

A perfect, no-bullshit black rotary telephone that works

So you want a rotary telephone. You don’t want a cheap plastic copy. You don’t want it to be $300. You don’t want it to be a sickly green, to have a nicotine patina, or be otherwise ghastly. You want … Continue reading

Shuttle bringing touchscreen all-in-one, Core i7 shoebox to CES

Shuttle, purveyor of the shoebox-sized gaming PCs that can, announced its CES itinerary today. Here are the highlights: • The first Intel Core i7 small form factor: Shuttle’s H7 5800 was first unveiled at Intel’s recent press event, and will … Continue reading

Mattel gets judge to ban Bratz on intellectual property grounds

One maker of sexualized children’s toys has gotten a judge to crush another, on the grounds that Bratz’ creator violated its copyright and probably came up with the idea on Mattel time. A judge on Wednesday granted an injunction sought … Continue reading

Video: RAF Harrier does low altitude fly-by pass in Afghanistan

There is some cursing by soldiers in this video, which you’ll want to watch with sound to hear the tremendous whoosh.

Sorapot design contest:

Joey Roth, creator of the excellent Sorapot tea-brewing tube, is hosting a design contest. Sorapot has been out for half a year now, and many of my customers are designers, artists, engineers, and other creative people. You’ve given me extremely … Continue reading

HP Mini 1000 now comes with 3G on any carrier out the gates

HP now officially offers its Mini 1000 netbook with mobile broadband, through its online store’s configurator. From its press release: The method of activating WWAN on the Mini 1000 is with HP Connection Manager 1.1. HP Connection Manager provides a … Continue reading

Join Rob and Joel and CDM‘s Peter Kirn for a drink and mobile music making Friday night in pre-BLIP Festival Brooklyn

If you need a break from the 8-bit sounds of this year’s Blip Festival, here’s a great suggestion: come meet Peter Kirn (of Create Digital Music), Rob Beschizza and me at our quite unofficial “32-bit Drinkup” on Friday night before … Continue reading

Pogue turns the screw on RIM’s BlackBerry Storm

David Pogue at the NYT was among the most blunt of those who slammed the Storm. The response, he writes, is denial from RIM itself and a hundred-ish letters in his mailbag from customers who agree with him. Here’s just … Continue reading

Parking Meter Fail

Photo: Matt Beldyk, who is also Captain Otterpants. Another Failmeter, courtesy of commenter Boycat:

Breathing Books, swiped by TSA, now at gallery

Things – Edith Kollath Creates Books that Breathe from Bre Pettis on Vimeo. These wonderful heaving tomes, like props from a Harry Potter movie, were created by Edith Kollath. They are on view at the Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. She relates … Continue reading