Coby pitches $100 laptop, the PoqetMate

Coby, a company famous for its ceaseless efforts to hijack from a guy with an invincible argument for owning it – his name is Coby – is the latest gadgetmaker to put its head in the guillotine and announce "We shall make a $100 laptop!" (Update: or not: the rumor is anonymously sourced and denied, though the company has applied for a trademark for the the term "Coby Netbook") It'll come down to software. At the given price, the specifications will be closer to a Peek or a cheap cellphone than anything else, meaning it'll have to run an extremely well-engineered cut of Linux. Windows XP will probably be out of the question, though Windows CE is a possibility. Lilliputing points out that Coby is well-positioned to make this work: its specialism is in making cheap but OK second-tier appliances, then selling them by the WalMartful. Simply by stepping up to the miniature-notebook plate while the outfield's still chaotic, it's already done something noteworthy. Pictured is a quick 'shop of what it might look like, based on its similarly-sized portable DVD player. Coby to intro sub-$100 “Midget PC” [Lilliputing]

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11 Responses to Coby pitches $100 laptop, the PoqetMate

  1. Chris L says:

    Bonus points for creating the worlds first un-PC PC.

  2. Cpt. Tim says:

    midget pc.

    nice. will the black version be called the negro?

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    This will barely feel like a “real” computer, if they make it. It will feel like the Peek or Kindle: a gadget that does something specific, just with that specific thing being quite powerful, e.g. accessing the web, with Adobe Flash and Java.

  4. Clay says:

    Cowtown has, in a single, unassuming sentence, encapsulated the joy of living in a midwestern American suburb to a T.

  5. Anonymous says:



    Well, halfway anyhoo.

    OLPC has successfully dragged the price of a useable laptop down to $100, which is one half of Nick’s original concept. The other half is getting lappies, mesh networking, and a cheap human-powered recharger into the hands of the world’s children.

    The mesh seems to be sucessful, too, although the telcos don’t want you to know that. But the charger thing is (so far) still unsuccessful, the damn things are still too expensive.

  6. cowtown says:

    I don’t think you guys understand — COBY COMPUTER!
    I will now be able to buy Linux PCs for $18.99 at Big Lots, one aisle over from the Jedi Berry Blast fruit rolls and the Transmogrifiers brand robot toys! This is awesome!

  7. monopole says:

    Smartest thing they can do.

    There are already a few ARM based notebooks w/ Linux distros or WinCE floating around in the range of $150. With Colby’s volume of production and some redesign they could get it down to $100.

    The critical thing is that these would make great media players. Basically flash ‘DVD Players’ that also play MP3s, You Tube, email and surf the web. This would allow for a graceful transition to medium format flash players away from DVD’s and other physical media. Secondly, given a choice between a media player and a netbook the dual use for education or work will favor the latter. Finally, having a replacement laptop at the $100 price point would be ideal as a fix for Lost, Broken or Stolen laptops on travel.

    Of course, since these are low cost and associated with the working class Boing Boing Gadgets will continually savage them.

  8. acb says:

    I wonder how long until Coby give up on and change their name. Apparently they’re called Coby only because it’s as close as one can get to Sony without being sued for trademark infringement, and Sony’s star has lost a lot of its shine. Perhaps they can change their name to Addie or something?

  9. LightningRose says:

    Will this trump the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, which is still running about $200 per computer?

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