Parking Meter Fail

Photo: Matt Beldyk, who is also Captain Otterpants. Another Failmeter, courtesy of commenter Boycat:

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12 Responses to Parking Meter Fail

  1. nprnncbl says:

    A failure that I once encountered (but don’t have a photo of): negative time on the meter, which was then deducted from the time purchased by coin.

  2. sheshe says:

    mine said fail yesterday! the parking guy standing there said it means you get a free 2 hours when they finally come fix it. from now on i’m all about the fail meters

  3. airshowfan says:

    Saw one of those near USC a couple weeks ago. Thought about photographing it, but then I figured FailBlog must already be full of’em.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please say that this has been submitted to If not, I might need to shoulder the responsibility myself

  5. TJ S says:

    So, if you get 2 free hours, then Fail = Win?

  6. guy_jin says:

    i do believe those are spider legs inside that second meter. perhaps that has something to do with the failure?

  7. Ghede says:

    Man. I saw one of those parking meters, but the lighting was working against me. Couldn’t take a picture with my crappy camera phone.

  8. boycat says:

    I took a picture of one of these in my hometown:

  9. sheshe says:

    i think fail for them, win for you

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Fail” is really just a four letter version of “paper clip”. It used to be that after they fixed the meters, they would put in two hours. Now it sounds like DC has got license plate scanners to get people for two hour violations regardless of working, non-working or even existent meters.

  11. vamidus says:

    I’ve been reading about Motorolla for some time now and this looks Shopped. Just like their crappy phones.

  12. nprnncbl says:

    #7 Vamidus: you forgot to mention the Krave.

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