Pole dancing robots at London's MuTate

Oh, yeah, shake it, honey. Shake those servos. Let me see some of that sweet, sweet axle grease. Yeah, press those headlamps together. You know you want it. [[SMACK]] Huh? "USER TILT?" Why you filthy little tramp, I oughta... [[SIREN]] Ha! No, man, no. I wasn't touchin' the Monrobots. Ha! No need to bring out the bouncer, I wasn't... [[RUSTY TANK TREADS]] Oh, heyyyyyyy, Manglebot, what's happ...no. Nooooooo! [[CRUNCH]] AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... Pole dancing robots at gallery [BBC via BotJunkie]
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2 Responses to Pole dancing robots at London's MuTate

  1. montauk says:

    The opportunity to do anything with technology and they recreate human patriarchy. poo.

  2. michaelportent says:

    Hilarious. At least we know this place is Bender-approved.

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