REK bookcase folds out for expanding collections

I loved the Platzhalter bookcase we posted the other day, which split apart to reveal a nether layer of shelves for the more shameful reading you might not want prominently on display. But if I could have just one, I'd pick this REK bookcase, which folds out like an accordion to reveal additional shelves as your book collection grows. REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong [Dezeen via Gizmodo]
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10 Responses to REK bookcase folds out for expanding collections

  1. lsyx says:

    I’m bemused by Brownlee’s curious insistence that the Platzhalter bookcase has “hidden compartments” rather than telescoping shelves.

  2. SamSam says:

    Yes, his insistance despite numerous posts days ago to the contrary…

    Anyway, this shelf is very cool, although I rather like the splitting apart one better, if only because it feels like a cartoon world where bookshelves really do stretch out when you try and cram in that last book.

  3. zarniwooporiginal says:

    I don’t understand.

    Bookcases are instantly filled with books from off the tops of other bookcases, mantelpieces, chairs, the floor as and when they are acquired. A bookcase with room to spare only exists in furniture shops and the background of ikea photoshoots.

  4. john says:

    It’s art, which means it’s not really useful, at least to me. Even if I stuff it half full… it’s going to be too heavy to slide apart unless there’s wheels hidden underneath somewhere.

    It looks great though… I just can’t see me using it since it would be instantly ful…

  5. guy_jin says:

    I think this might work as a videogame storage shelf – that is, if you’re the sort that collects it. all different cart/case sizes get their own cubbyholes…

  6. georgelazenby says:

    and the right hand one does that crazy thing when you scroll with a stuttered mouse wheel.

  7. Garr says:

    John, the Platzhalter bookcase still doesn’t conceal any books occupying the hidden compartment.

    But that aside, this shelf is gorgeous! I so want one!

  8. technogeek says:

    Very pretty. I suspect very heavy, so you wouldn’t actually gain much in transportability… which is a pity, because the tight packing is arguably a greater strength than expandability.

    After all, there’s no such thing as excess bookshelf space… and some of the expansion spaces appear to be too small to be useful.

    But even if you just display it in its fully opened form, and even if it is less than efficient, it’s a nice art piece. Not everything has to be practical.

  9. Downpressor says:

    What is with the completely useless bookcases here lately? Neither this nor the fold open one the other day could fill its primary purpose.

  10. clueless in brooklyn says:

    Practicality is so vanity.

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