Mickey Mouse iRiver gets abstract facial expressions

These iRiver Mickey Mouse shaped MP3 players are nothing new, and everyone's already aware of the darling mechanism of changing tracks or adjusting the volume by screwing the Mouse's ears... as in "clockwise" or "counterclockwise," and not by the other mechanism, which would be a novel interface indeed. What is new, however, is that the latest iteration of the iRiver MP3 changes its facial expressions according to what you're doing, whether lowering the volume, skipping a track or shuffling. It's very Japanese and very cute. Mickey MP3 Player can change facial expressions [Slashgear]
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2 Responses to Mickey Mouse iRiver gets abstract facial expressions

  1. Toplus says:

    Yes, it is Korean

  2. help i cant comfirm my username themelonbread says:

    Isn’t iRiver Korean?

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