The ci desk mobile workstation is chic, probably useless

The ci desk mobile workstation is dreadfully chic, with it tabouret drawers and fold out desk, but I can't quite imagine who would use it except for the novelty of something so well designed: there's few mobile designers I know who need to take a planar surface to work on with them. ci desk mobile workstation [Designboom]
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9 Responses to The ci desk mobile workstation is chic, probably useless

  1. knifie_sp00nie says:

    It’s as if the designer had never heard of a lever. What’s to keep this thing from dumping your laptop when you put a bit too much weight on the table?

  2. dculberson says:

    The 1200 pounds of pure heavytanium they put in the center of the small caster.

  3. things says:

    I dunno, this looks pretty handy to me. I could store all my external HDs, cables, graphics tablet and other random peripherals in the draws, and wheel this thing right up to the couch.

    No one really needs a full size desk these days, but the drawers are more useful than ever. Brilliant!

  4. enealio says:

    i have a similar item from the 70’s that’s all plastic. it doesn’t have a desk top but has the swing out drawers like that does. it’s a conversation piece while at the same time being a perfect organizer. we use it as a sewing/art kit with all of the different paints, threads, tapes, etc in their own drawers.

  5. Moriarty says:

    If it’s useless, how can it be “well designed?” You people. This is just like that teapot.

  6. nehpetsE says:

    There currently exists no industrial means for mining or refining heavytanium.
    Rather it must still be harvested in its pure state from the impacted prostates of right wing pundits and talk-radio hosts.

  7. themark says:

    The plastic one from the 60’s is a Boby Taboret, we had a ton of these in our office and they were generally reviled for being useless clutter magnets full of dust and old pencils. We chucked them eventually. This one is nicely styled, but I agree with the other posters that it’s design usefulness is dubious at best. We need to start a campaign to educate people as to the difference between good design and styling. Good design is functional, styling is pretty. Really good design is both.

  8. Not a Doktor says:

    A notable heavytanium substitute is Complainuim, abundantly harvested from loads on internet users. Sources are laden with mass quantities and are noticeably “fat” but not “jolly”. Fastest production means are Cheetos and Mt Dew over an energy source of microsoft news or steampunk posts.

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