Icon Warthog motorcycle puts the A-10 on the I-10

"The Warthog" is a show bike from Icon which suggests what should become standard equipment for fabulous road warriors: a cute little mini-gun. Sure, aiming might be difficult, but the rotation of the barrels should add an extra axis of stability. Or make the bike totally unrideable. Or not matter at all. I have no idea. I just want to pop wheelies and shoot tanks out of the sky. The bike isn't for sale, but you can grab a matching helmet for $400 with the minigun in cartoon form. The Warthog motorcycle page [RideIcon.com via DVICE via Technabob]
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10 Responses to Icon Warthog motorcycle puts the A-10 on the I-10

  1. Daemon_of_Waffle says:

    Are we sure this crap wasn’t produced at Orange County Choppers?

  2. simmare says:

    This post very much reminds me of the missle-shooting, tank-busting, flying motorcycles from Megaforce (an awful, terrible but awesome movie).


  3. Garr says:

    I bet you’re gonna see this in the next installment of the GTA franchise.

  4. KurtMac says:

    I would be more worried that the recoil effect of firing the gun at several thousand rounds per minute would cause an unfortunate reverse of direction, rocketing the rider backwards or up into the sky like Yosemite Sam.

  5. exhilaration says:

    Like all great things, Chuck Norris already did this in Delta Force.

    As I recall, he overcame the aiming problem by popping a wheelie, which allowed him to aim the front-mounted gun in any direction. Of course, he never missed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    regarding the torque: Doubt it. No reason for the motor that spins it to be particularly torquey. For that matter, no reason that the motor would even be on that axis. If it was on the same axis, you could put an even number of gears between them and the barrels and motor would spin in opposite directions, at least partially canceling out torque pull. Now the recoil is a more interesting point… I would doubt that it would stop the bike unless it was coasting, but it would slow it down and that would be tricky to handle.

  7. funnelbc says:

    I just want to pop wheelies and shoot tanks out of the sky.

    Quite possibly the most hilarious sentence ever written on this blog, and get plenty of lol’s from the bbg writing.


  8. Anonymous says:

    If the mini gun had any gyroscopic effect, it would make it hard to turn. Probably would not have that much effect though.

  9. Skwid says:

    If you’re having run-ins with flying tanks, I’m pretty sure bike stability is the least of your concerns…

  10. Umbriel says:

    I should think that the torque from a gatling-type gun would be trying to sweep the cycle off its wheels — analogous to the way that radial engined WWI aircraft (particularly the famous Sopwith Camel) turned more readily against the direction that the prop was spinning. Whether the cycle could keep its footing or not would depend upon the mass of the barrels, their rotational speed (perhaps as little as 100rpms or as much as 1000) and the traction of the cycle on the road.

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