Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractive wards genital scalding

Logitech's new Comfort Lapdesk is opalescent white, laser beam reflective and features a plump, sinewy coccyx for the accommodation of the knees. A third-party lap to balance your laptop on is always a bit of a superfluous purchase, unless you own a MacBook, in which case it is the only way to avoid the melting of your exposided genitalia. Never the less, the design of this one almost seems worth the $40 price. Logitech Comfort Lapdesk [Logitech]
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4 Responses to Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractive wards genital scalding

  1. AirPillo says:

    Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractive wards genital scalding

    Did you mean:
    Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractively wards genital scalding

    Headlines are already pretty condensed, typos there can totally confuse the meaning.

  2. jenjen says:

    Attractive wards genital scalding?
    Exposided genitalia?

    John, perhaps putting on some PANTS would help you pay more attention to what you are typing. Dude!

  3. SimeonW says:

    I saw this today at Costco for $20.

  4. Lea Hernandez says:

    You need them for Toshiba R25, too.
    Ask my toasted tummy HOW I KNOW.

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