BBtv: Philips Norelco Bodygroom (II) review, Heavily Pettable Edition

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom ($50) is a shaver for men, specially tuned to the harmonic frequencies resonant with the hexagonal shafts of masculine hair for a shave that doesn't just cut your hair — it shatters it. (Or it's just a fancy double-edge electric clipper specifically marketed for men.) Either way I tried one on various bits of my body, including, I discovered to my horror after I had already uploaded the video to the BBtv crew, what was to end up to be my exposed cock. Thankfully due to the magic of editing you can enjoy my aimless rambling without getting a flash of the juniors, which have been replaced with the soothing softness of a harmless kitten. You can get an idea of how the Bodygroom works in the video, but here's a quick spoiler: I think the new Bodygroom is a pretty great, especially with the new attachments, although I don't know that it does a whole lot that you couldn't do with any other rechargeable clippers. Still, recommended. Special thanks to fofurasfelinas for her very needed kitten pictures. And if you want a direct MP4 download, we have the technology.
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49 Responses to BBtv: Philips Norelco Bodygroom (II) review, Heavily Pettable Edition

  1. Meatlocker says:

    Yeah, not a fucking chance. I was the original victim of a Bodygroomer Version 1.0 Terminator Unit that systematically shredded my rod and beanbag. I told my story @ Giz ( and while I can chuckle about it now, Norelco will get nary a dime from me for products designed to work on anything below my neck.

    Buyer beware and whatnot.

  2. luketheobscure says:

    Can we avoid the c-word and use the more socially à propos term “wangdoodler”?

    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “…the juniors, which have been replaced with the soothing softness of a harmless kitten.”

    In real life?

  4. hohum says:

    @18 Xeni,

    …we ran out of kitteh figleaf coverage.

    How utterly sad for you!

  5. BCJ says:


    I tend to use an electric shaver more than a razor now, but when I use a razor, I don’t use foam, and sometimes don’t use water. I don’t really have a ton of facial hair or anything, but it really is not that bad. I’ve always found foam to be more trouble than it’s worth.

    Also, awesome review. Joel, you have an honest appeal to your reviews that no one else can match.

  6. arielbariel says:

    If I’m considering this as a gift for the man in my life (who needs to shave his balls), do let him know that sometimes it just rips the hair out and causes bleeding?

  7. may says:

    Announcing: The All New Revolutionary “Rolling Razor!”

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    Easy, self cleaning – Longer lasting precision blades

    4 different blades, customized for individuals’ skin type

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  8. Anonymous says:

    @Joel Definitely deep into the oversharing. I laughed, grimaced and squirmed at the same time. Now in the spirit of oversharing, I am quite itchy thinking about this.

  9. smartsky says:

    Gut wrenchingly funny and hard to watch at the same time, if you know what I mean. In the interest of furthering the internet fame of Joel’s video tease reviews a few observations. Lose the t-shirt and uhh… buy nicer underwear. The use of the kittens both visual and audio is brilliant, definitely a keeper.

    I sense there is a developing niche market for the uncensored version.

    I now have more new terms for one’s junk than I could ever possibly use. I’m especially fond of “wedding tackle”.

  10. celia says:

    I think the poor figleaf kitteh is the best argument against CC licensing your photos ever. There you are, innocently surfing the web, looking at photos of cats, and look, it’s your darling Mittens and OH MY GOD, he’s being used as a figleaf.

  11. hohum says:

    I bled a lot more when I used an electric shaver than I do now with a DE, and because of that I doubt I’ll ever switch back to electric. Regardless, this video was pretty much the best birthday present I got today. Whoooo!

    Also, was the Bodygroom the one that had the “extra visible inch” ad campaign back in version 1? Buncha goofs.

  12. dhuff says:

    Eyebrows wrote, “Just remember, gentlemen, you can always leave your body hair where it belongs…”

    And that goes for the ladies’ naughty bits, too. Some of us like women who look like, well… women and not underage jailbait ;)

  13. Halloween Jack says:

    Seconded on the Headblade; it’s my favorite grooming device ever.

  14. franko says:

    since it’s obviously sensitive enough to shave your, uh, sensitive areas, is it something you could use to shave your noggin? i shave my head, and it’s a hassle to do. something like this would be a nice solution.

    also, a request for joel’s X-rated review, haha.

  15. zuzu says:

    So, is the bathroom where Joel conveniently already has a webcam setup (ahem), and it’s just easier to do gadget reviews there from now on?

    (Who will be the first to register

  16. dthomp87 says:

    it is not supposed to be used on your face what so ever. you are a retard

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, I now know more about Joels balls than I ever thought I would like to. Shaved balls are like lemonade on a sunny day naked on a beach made of refreshment and also glitterfarts. Sex sells. As I have said before, great reviews and they are quick becoming a highlight of my long early week graveyard shift. I don’t know your dating/marital status, but I would not be surprised if this is a secret campaign for a girlfriend from the interwebs, or simply designed to conjur up a swoonfest.

  18. Aristan says:

    I believe that Xeni may have just paid Joel the best compliment a guy a could ever receive.

    “I simply chose the sweetest, most pure thing I could find, because a powerful antidote was required.”

    No guy likes their manparts called ‘Cute,’ but I mean, seriously… who wouldn’t want the world to think their junk required antidote*.

    (*antidote not being the same as antibiotics, of course.)

    I have an original BodyGroom that I can’t use because, for some reason, my mother bought it for me. That was creep out factor one, but then she followed up with her reasoning being that I “probably take after dad”.

    And they wonder why I see a therapist.

    Of course, I could mention this to my therapist because I’m sure she’d have a field day discussing the editor’s need to emasculate Joel by replacing his manparts with an animal that’s also slang for… well… you get the picture.

    and PS, joel… you know they make boxers with buttons, right? lol

  19. bwana dork says:

    Absolutely adorable. Do you take requests?

  20. Joel Johnson says:

    Hey! I buy the finest underwear they sell on the remnant rack at the dollar store.

  21. Xeni Jardin says:

    @theawesomerobot: that honor went to Derek Bledsoe. Poor guy. It was pretty traumatic for him. It was funny to hear him trying to warn our editor, Wes. I chose not to watch the original footage, as I do with beheading videos.

    @Celia, I am hoping that the very generous and understanding woman who took these cute cat photos is not upset with us for adapting their use in the manner we have. She was very nice, and I did not select the photos with the intent of making fun of her, or sullying the good name of her pets. I simply chose the sweetest, most pure thing I could find, because a powerful antidote was required.

    I think Joel did an awesome job with this episode, and so did our production team. Big bravos all around. Big, hairy bravos.

  22. Lea Hernandez says:

    Joel: I, my 15-year-old daughter, and my best friend pretty much laughed until we cried over the kitteh figleafing.

    Best review ever.

  23. PlushieSchwartz says:

    Oh sweet baby jesus keep it away from me and my fursuit.

  24. Xeni Jardin says:

    @PlushieSchwartz jajajjajajajaja! We prefer to let furpersons roam the earth exactly as they are, fear not.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why do we get a censored video on BoingBoing? isn’t that a bit ironic? We need the artist’s original intent!

  26. franko says:

    @22 and 37 — i have an original headblade, but i’d much rather spend 5 mins with an electric solution than 20 mins with water, shaving goo, and a headblade.

  27. Eyebrows McGee says:

    Just remember, gentlemen, you can always leave your body hair where it belongs instead of subjecting Jim and the Twins to sharp objects of any sort. Some of us ladies prefer our men visibly equipped with testosterone. :)

    I have nothing further to add that isn’t going to immediately delve into the incredibly crass.

  28. Akanari says:

    I second #8.

    And am now considering this for my man-friend. The tackle needs some trimming. Can we continue the bathroom reviews (aka Swoonfest)?

  29. RER says:

    Good grief Joel! First the mp3 player review in the shower and now full on twig and berries shaving?!? Are you prepping for a career in porn!?! Where do I queue up? ;)

  30. The Lizardman says:

    I have been using the original on the road for some time now (for chest, armpits, and “junk”) and have found it to be a great product. I only use it dry though, the wet performance is far less impressive in my estimation.

  31. fenrox says:

    AW MAN, So what you are really saying boing boing is that i need to work at boing boing to get some effing nudity in my gadget reviews.

    And just so we are clear, that wardrobe malfunction sans cat is almost exactly what i was talking about last time.

    I think the only better example of nudity in a non sexual review would be for the TLC tugger foreskin restoration device. DO NOT GOOGLE AT WORK. I would link to it but I don’t need to give the IT dept any more fodder…

  32. alowishus says:

    @eyebrows: But a little manscaping goes a long way. Just to clean things up, you know.

  33. Anonymous says:

    What about nose hairs?

  34. Anonymous says:

    What I’m really curious about is TRIMMING rather than getting rid of hair altogether!

    How does it work on the nether regions when you wanna bring it down a notch (say, down to 2 cm or something)?

  35. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    @14 I shave my scalp, too…best thing I’ve used is the HeadBlade Sport and related products (exfoliating goo, shaving cream, moisturizer, etc). Works like a charm. And the nice folks at the company will frequently toss a little free swag in the box if you order directly from them.

  36. Xeni Jardin says:

    @ #13 hohum

    Also, was the Bodygroom the one that had the “extra visible inch” ad campaign back in version 1? Buncha goofs.

    Yes. Joel referenced this in the “footage” he sent us. We edited this portion out, because we ran out of kitteh figleaf coverage.

  37. Chris the Tiki guy says:

    er, that comment above should’ve been @ 15. sorry. fumble fingers tonight, I blame the extensive snow shoveling I was subjected to today.

    and the drugs.

  38. el6ato says:

    Best Review Ever!

  39. Joel Johnson says:

    Hey, anonymous, you can use the included plastic guards for a longer shave if you don’t want to go down to the skin. Works just dandy.

  40. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    Why the censorship? Because some things can simply not be viewed straight on. (For more information, I suggest the wisdom of H.P. Lovecraft.)

    The Bodygroom is interesting. My manscaper of choice is the Panasonic ES2262. It has the nice extendable/adjustable “boomerang” handle for leverage in hard-to-reach areas, a charging stand so it’s always ready to go in emergencies, it’s easy to clean, come with three trimming guards, and best of all, it’s a very very good facial shaver/beard trimmer. Closer shave than most electrics I’ve tried, almost as close as disposable razors (which I dislike greatly)

    To paraphrase George Carlin: “You can save a lot of time if you simply use the same one for all four areas!”

  41. Anonymous says:

    Does the Bodygroom work for trimming your beard or fixing your hair in a precise lets say 2 mm?
    I know it’s supposed to be body hair only, but I don’t want to buy 2 seperate products to get rid of body and facial hair.


  42. mattbr says:

    so, how many reviewers got this unit before you tried it ? and who are you sending it to next ?

  43. Joel Johnson says:

    Perhaps I could give it away as a prize, delivered in an excelsior of my own pubic trimmings?

  44. The Lizardman says:

    I like the headblade but it doesn’t provide much advantage over a basic bic (and years of practice) for me on my skull and is quite a bit more costly – I do see how it could be a boon for those without the (forced) benefit of over a decades experience of shaving with just the basics.

    I like the bodygroom for quick torso trimming but above the neck, the straight razor rocks if you are willing to learn it

  45. Garr says:

    Hilarious :)

    But I don’t quite get it:

    To my experience, shaving with a razor without foam or even water is painful and tends to irritate my skin alot.
    So how do you combine a “wet razor” with a shaver, since I imagine the shaver will conversely not work on wet hair…

    and btw: Joel/John/Rob: I DON’T GET MY FEED ANYMORE!!!

  46. theawesomerobot says:

    Haha, who was the first one on the crew to watch this review? I’d love to see that reaction.

  47. minamisan says:

    Joel, since you’ve denied us the thrill of actually seeing your wedding tackle, could you please give us a detailed review of the results? I use a blade (well, safety razor) but I’m never 100% comfortable with steel blades being that close to my nuts.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      @minamisan: I’ve shaved my nethers with a Mach 3 before. As expected, the Mach 3 gave a closer shave, but I had to be careful around the ol’ deflated basketball. The Bodygroom isn’t quite as close of a shave, but you can have the whole business taken care of in less than 30 seconds.

      Since we’re oversharing now, I’d just like to say: I don’t care much about the pubic mane, but shaved balls feel fantastic.

  48. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    Joel, a quote from your waterproof MP3 player review:

    Using the miracle of not showing you my junk…

    I’m so glad you decided differently with this review… although we didn’t really exactly get to see it now, did we? Sigh.

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