eBay: More Wiis sold through us than Xbox360s and PS3s put together

eBay is well-poised to spot tech trends. Check out its list of the tech "winners," those being items sold using its auction service.
• Nintendo Wii: 2,056,866 related items sold
• Microsoft Xbox360: 1,297,903 related items sold
• Sony PSP: 350,591 related items sold
• iPod Touch: 281,361 related items sold
• Nintendo Wii Fit: 266,584 related items sold
• Apple iPhone 3G: 212,837 related items sold
• BlackBerry Pearl: 207,688 related items sold
• BlackBerry Curve: 193,788 related items sold
• Sony Playstation 3: 103,333 related items sold
• Guitar Hero III: 98,159 related items sold
• Halo 3: 91,067 related items sold
• Grand Theft Auto IV: 43,005 related items sold
• MacBook Air: 12,423 related items sold
• Guitar Hero Aerosmith: 3,749 related items sold
• Rock Band 2's: 1,650 related items sold
Spot the conspicuously missing item!

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17 Responses to eBay: More Wiis sold through us than Xbox360s and PS3s put together

  1. Lilb792 says:


  2. microcars says:

    Spot the conspicuously missing item!

    Any computer running Windows?

    The latest release of “Little Brother” now translated to Latin?

  3. xzb2h6 says:

    Yes ebay is a monster. If you need to sell something ebay is the place to do it. starting ebay business

  4. Josh Smith says:

    If you think about it this isn’t a good thing; it means that either people realize the Wii is not for them and dump it on eBay or that Nintendo can’t keep up with in store demand turning users to eBay.

    Either way not a list I’d want my product on.

  5. SamF says:

    What’s the time period on this? This month? All year?

    I’d suspect that quite a few of the Wii sales are people just trading in a scarce commodity. I’d love to see numbers on what percentage of the winning bids on these items were more than retail, less than retail, or around retail. Also how many were from ebay stores vs. individual sellers.

    I’m sure there’s all sorts of data that ebay could track that’d be more telling as to what people are buying and why than just straight sales numbers.

  6. Chris S says:

    Nintendo DS.

    NOBODY gives up their Nintendo DS.

    Riding the subway in Toronto, my rough take is that the DS outnumbers the PSP by 2:1 to 3:1. The PSP is almst exclusively in the hands of the late teen, early twenties, male, while a DS can be in the hands of anyone – male, female, just past toddler, teen, twenties, thirties, forties. I’ve even seen execs with their DS, although the way they hold it (vertically) strongly suggests they are running Brain Age.

  7. dculberson says:

    The PS3 numbers are incredible..

    I wonder how it’s doing in retail??

  8. carriem says:

    Oh man, I’m so glad my ebay listing doesn’t include the Krave! I especially like the…


  9. fibreoptik says:

    No Xbox!! :D


  10. fibreoptik says:

    regular xbox that is :P

  11. hungryjoe says:

    My guess is that more than half the electronics sold on eBay are brand new, sealed-in-the-box items. eBay Selling policies and fees are geared more toward retailers than end users. These numbers are not a reflection of the desirability (or lack thereof) of these products. It’s more a reflection of eBay’s ability to attract small businesses who can’t afford to build or market their own e-commerce sites.

    This trend will only continue, with eBay’s September policy changes designed to encourage this type of business. With seller fees up to 15%, the little guy with a used PSP is migrating away from eBay to less punishing venues like Craigslist.

  12. Chrisos says:

    Wow! Not a single mention of cheese.

    Cheese sellers of the world: Fear the end!

  13. mralistair says:

    blu ray players?

    george forman grills?

  14. Rob Beschizza says:


  15. BobbyMike says:


  16. guy_jin says:


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