MiFi puts portable 3G hotspot in your pocket

Novatel's new range of portable 3G routers turn you into a walking WiFi hotspot, wherever you wander. Dubbed MiFi, they're unlike standard EVDO routers in that the cellular modem is built-in: you don't need to worry about compatibility or an extra purchase. An internal battery offers 40 hours of claimed standby time and 4 hours of use, and the device will support VPN, custom web-based landing pages for users hopping onto the system, automatic email synching and remote management. Unfortunately, it's not going to be out soon enough for us to test it at CES, where mobile 3G is useful for getting coverage up in timely fashion. So we'll be using CradlePoint's PHS300, which is perfect for people who already have an EVDO stick.

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3 Responses to MiFi puts portable 3G hotspot in your pocket

  1. Simon Greenwood says:

    Is that the ‘femtocell’ device that T-Mobile are promising I wonder? Looks good if it is.

  2. O_P says:

    If you have an S60 Nokia with wifi and 3G you can bridge the connection with a program like JoikuSpot and share internets that way.
    It used to be free, but looks like you have to pay for it now.
    Does anyone know of a free alternative?

  3. gonecritical says:

    they say that keeping a cellphone in your pocket for long periods of time can lower a man’s sperm count. imagine the radiation that this thing gives off. can’t be healthy.

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