Sony builds giant zoetrope in Venaria, Italy

Sony made a gigantic zoetrope–a distant Victorian predecessor to television–using 240Hz "Motionflow" technology. It's the centerpiece of a new ad by the "balls" people.
The BRAVIA-drome was inspired by the zoetrope, a device invented in the 19th century to create short ‘films’ from a series of static images. This modern day zoetrope is 10 meters across, spins at over 40 kph and is the optimal medium for demonstrating how Motionflow 240Hz technology clearly displays today’s fast-action motion pictures.
At 10 tons, it's claimed to be the largest zoetrope ever built. Motionflow is an automatic tweening technology, which generates and inserts extra video frames to smoothen the appearance of movement. Press Release [Sony]

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4 Responses to Sony builds giant zoetrope in Venaria, Italy

  1. SamF says:

    “…the “balls” people…”

    It’s OK to just call us “men”.

  2. dculberson says:

    You know how I can tell it’s a mail plane?

    (dang, that really doesn’t work in writing.)

  3. hohum says:

    What a bizarrely slow and acoustic version of Heartbeats in that balls ad. I like it though. The ad and the bizarre rendition. I also think I’d like this large red-light collider.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hardly groundbreaking or recordbreaking. is it just 2d? the structure has an almost copyright infringing similarity to my 2007 larger 3d zoetrope “homouroboros”
    check it at

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