Don't use an iPhone to send your Dad a text message after you make love for the first time

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This has all the hallmarks of a fake to me, but it's so easy to imagine it happening — I manage to accidentally send text messages to the wrong people on my iPhone all the time — that I'm posting anyway: according to the Inquisitr, 18 year old Elizabeth Frisinger accidentally texted her dad instead of a friend with a short txtspk account of the loss of her virginity. Summary: it was gr8, Dad! Wish you were here! Her father was stoically unamused, demanding her immediate return on the next plane. It's doubtlessly fake, but still, it's plausible. I think the iPhone is so easy to send text messages to people because it stores them like iChat conversations: you open the SMS app and are presented with your last "conversation." It's hard to get over the training of other phone's SMS systems to just start enterting text as soon as you open the app, though: I find myself assuming that after I enter my message and hit "Send," I'll then be asked what contact to send it to. It's merely an issue of retraining — the iPhone's system makes just as much sense as the other — but I've been finding it a big difficult to get over years of interface indoctrination. Lost her virginity and texted her Dad [Inquisitr]
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27 Responses to Don't use an iPhone to send your Dad a text message after you make love for the first time

  1. SeeChao says:

    who took this picture? Was she so devastated that she went and got a friend’s camera, or is there a sceen grab feature on the iphone? Did she not close the text message window while her dad booked the flight? Seems a little, well, too perfect.

  2. copperpixie says:

    Upon further review, my congratulatory remarks appear sarcastic. They are not.

  3. Wally B says:

    Hoax, evidently (although the debunking could also be a hoax):

    I mean, good hoax, and funny and all, but hoax. I can’t tell what was being sold, though, or if it was just comedy.

  4. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    Yes, there’s a screen-grab feature on the phone. I believe you do it by briefly pressing the two buttons.

  5. highlyverbal says:

    I vote this item be rejected from Boing Boing. Don’t we have some standards?

    At least dsmvwl it.

  6. Garr says:

    Looks fake to me too, but who cares :)

    And John, I never owned an iPhone, so I don’t know how exactly it works, but this is what my HTC Touch Diamond does:
    Go to the “SMS/Messages” Tab, you’ll see the last received message (lol, I’m receiving one as I write… creepy). The “menu” option opens up and you can choose to “answer” or “new”. Both open up the “write new sms” window, but while the latter prompts you to input the recipient, the former has already done so.
    I’ve never accidentally sent a message to the wrong person with this phone.

  7. g.park says:

    @1: Good points. And no, there’s no screen-grab on the iPhone.

    Also, the way that the iPhone timestamps text messages means her dad would have had to received the text message, booked the flight, and texted her back within 5 minutes. Someone will have to confirm, but I’m relatively certain that it stamps at 5 minute intervals.

    Also, I think that it’s actually harder to type in “txtspeak” on the iPhone, so it doesn’t make sense that this would be written like that.

  8. pork musket says:

    @4 – Yes there is a screen-grab function on the iPhone.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is living proof that it’s a very slow day in the news–a lot.

  10. Narual says:

    I’ve had a few oh crap moments texting on the phone since 2.0… something changed and now sometimes messages you receive look like they came from someone else, or messages you send look lik ethey went to someone else… going out to the message list and back in fixes it, but once in a while I’ve choked thinking I accidentally sent a personal message to a work account, and once where I thought I spoiled a surprise party. Happily, none of these happened.

    As for the message… probably fake, but I’ve seen people type like that on iphones. And the only piece of it that would have been an inconvenience is the “OMG” since that would require hitting shift twice for the capital MG bit. Nothing in it gets autocorrected.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nice sneaky Delta ad.

  12. kerry says:

    @3 and @4 –
    And just to make this yes/no/yes/no crap end, you can take a screen grab on the iPhone by holding down the home button and then clicking the sleep button. Ta-da!

    Also, agreed on the txt-speak. I can’t imagine wanting to type “1st” or “Gr8″ instead of “first” and “great” on an iPhone. That’s a lot of switching keyboards for not a lot of saved taps.

  13. TJ S says:

    This reminds me of an (unfortunately) not-fake incident that happened to a friend in high school (about 6-7 years ago).

    He had just gotten his first candybar type phone, after being used to flips.

    On a Marine Biology trip to San Diego, he and a couple others somehow got alcohol and proceeded to get drunk and loud. Not having thought to lock his keypad, the “2” button got depressed when he sat down, and called his parents.

    They sat and listened to (and recorded!) about 30 minutes of drunken cursing and sexual inuendo from their 16-year old son before hanging up.

    Upon picking him up at the airport at the end of the trip, they played back the recording on the car’s CD player.

    It went unspoken that he was grounded and lost driving privelages for the next month.

  14. Brad S. says:

    Actually, if you examine this screen, it’s gotta be a fake.

    As Brownlee mentioned, the iPhone keeps a running tab of your conversations. See those buttons at the top of the conversation? You almost never see those – because they’re only at the top of the conversation. She would have had to select her dad as her target by typing at least the first letter or two of “Dad” to get him to pop up.

    So the theory that Lizzy just opened iChat and started jamming her fingers into the glass without looking at who she was texting to doesn’t stand up. She had to start a new conversation, and while maybe her friend was named “Dani” and she was too blind from the jello shots to see clearly, it’s much more of a longshot.

    But huge props to the Vader version – ROFL here.

  15. semiotix says:

    #6 and #7 make absolutely rational, completely common-sensical points about how txtspk-ing on the iPhone would be a huge hassle and no one even remotely literate would go to the extra trouble.

    That said, it hardly means a damn teenager these days wouldn’t! If you trained a kid today in the art of marble engraving, he’d end up getting jobs making cornerstones for “1ST L00THR3N CH\/RCH LOL.” Trust me, I’m a college professor. THEY WILL PUT IT IN EVERYTHING.

    Also, get off my lawn.

    Also, congratulations, Lizzy.

  16. SpeckledJim says:

    Not quite as bad, but one time I accidentally texted “fancy a f*ck?”, or words to that effect, to my little sister. Oh how we laughed…

  17. Anonymous says:

    While it may be a fake… sending a txt to the wrong person happens easier than you would think.

    When you open the SMS app, it defaults to the last “conversation” you had… which if you don’t pay attention can get you in a few weird situations…

    Like the time I went out for dinner with my fiance… and went to the bathroom. The toilet seat was not secure on the toilet and I fell in. I fired off a quick text to my better half that I would be a little while… as I had to dry off since I fell in the can. I think I used the term “soggy bum”…. because that’s what my colleague at work calls me whenever she has a chance… she was the last person I had texted before falling in.

    #7 is right… Gr8 and 1st are a bit of a pain in the (soggy) bum to write on an iPhone.

  18. zuzu says:

    Brandi: Second suitor: if we were making whoopee, what sounds would you make?
    Brodie: Wait, what’s “whoopee”?
    Brandi: You know, being intimate.
    Brodie: What? Like fucking?

  19. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Maybe it is more innocent than we think. Perhaps she had her first alcoholic beverage, “Sex On The Beach”. Either way congratulations, Lizzy.

  20. PlushieSchwartz says:

    OMG! Just had 1st time on beach! GR8! Wish you were here! Then I could have lost my virginity *and* had a threesome!

  21. twoeightnine says:

    My biggest pet peeve about texting on the iPhone is that once you hit send, that’s it. No taking it back. On every other phone I’ve owned you could cancel it was it was sending. Either by actually canceling it, closing the clamshell or turning the power off. None of these work now and it led me to drunkenly texting a girl that I was meeting at the bar that the bartender’s breasts were humongous.

  22. acb says:

    I suspect it’s a viral. If not for Delta, then for some moronic Hollywood gross-out teen comedy or somesuch.

    Does “Elizabeth Frisinger” even exist?

  23. Reverend Loki says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see why everyone (daddy included) is assuming she was txting about the loss of her virginity. It could have just as easily been:

    a) that she had never been to a beach before, and this was her first time visiting such,

    b) that she was in the middle of a txt conversation with a friend before this errant message, and this is the first time she attended a bonfire/been to a dance party/seen the sunset/some other previously referenced but unseen non-sexual event at a beach location,


    c) she had lost her virginity some time ago and has since had sex in many strange but interesting locales before, but never on a beach, thus still not making this txt about the loss of virginity.

    I’m just say….

  24. kpkpkp says:

    that’s the first time “on beach”, not necessarily only time.

  25. m@ says:

    I can only wonder who the intended recipient was and why Lizzy decided to notify him/her in the first place. Perhaps it was just a convenient pretext to find out how to get rid of sea lice.

  26. copperpixie says:

    I have zero sympathy either way since apparently her reaction to “omg! told my dad!” was “must take screenshot/picture so I can tell the Internet too!”. In my opinion, this was a cut your losses situation and she did not.

    But hey! Congrats, Lizzy! Glad it went so well for you!

    (Also, we’ve considered that she did this as a prank on her dad, right? And the screenshot is the proof?)

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