Prototype Sony lampshade steals own lightbulb's energy back

Sony's dye-sensitized solar cells will first see life as light: a desk lamp, to be precise. The Hana-Akari fixture is made up of panels that mimick photosynthesis, storing energy in a low-cost, thin membrane that will be easy to manufacture. Commercial applications are expected to be a "potentially significant contributor" to the feasibility of renewable energy policies. No release date was given at the demonstration, which took place at an eco-products conference in Japan this morning.
Sony, using dye-sensitized solar lighting equipment "Hana-Akari" [PC Watch]

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3 Responses to Prototype Sony lampshade steals own lightbulb's energy back

  1. urshrew says:

    Have people started to seriously look into organic solutions for low energy appliances? Nature’s been turning light into low level energy for some time: maybe there’s something to learn there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the great work out by sony i must by this one gift my girlfriend as she is so concious about environment and would love to use natural resources.
    for more information

  3. Anonymous says:

    as far as i know, this is technology developed by Dyesol in Australia

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