The world's smallest optical mouse

The Z-Nano is the word's smallest optical mouse, about just as large as your fingertip. When not in use, it can be stored in your ear canal or nostril. $60. World's Smallest Optical Mouse [Techeblog]
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7 Responses to The world's smallest optical mouse

  1. Tenn says:

    No amount of limited space would make this convenient enough for me to sacrifice the comfort of a decently sized mouse.

  2. arkizzle says:

    It doesn’t seem that small to me. Maybe the demonstrator just has little hands..

  3. jgrassick says:

    How about a ring using wiimote type tech, no mouse – just a finger with a ring. I’d buy one.

  4. zikman says:

    LOL! ear canal or nostril! that made me laugh! good one brownlee

  5. airship says:

    Maybe YOUR ear canal or nostril!

  6. StevenKing_TechReviewer says:

    After reviewing so many different computer mice, I can safely say that the best mouse is the one that fits your needs and your palm best.

    Is a top of the range gaming mouse, with 5600 dpi sensitivity necessary be the best mouse for you? I personally do not think so.

    Setting it to 5600dpi makes it almost un-useable, even for the most experienced gamers. Most typically set it to around 1600dpi to get better control. The specs may look impressive and make the mouse mor expensive, but it actually has little practical value to the user.

    A good desktop Logitec or Microsoft mouse usually have great ergonomics and design, but for those with relatively smaller hands, a smaller & lighter mouse that fits your palm well may be a better choice.

    For travellers and mobile notebook users, having a LASER mouse is important, as you may need to work on different surfaces when you travel. The normal optical mouse usually works well on a black surface, but it usually does not work properly on a white or shiny surface. Also,it would be RIDICULOUS to lug a huge Logitec desktop mouse on your travels with your Ultra-mini notebook(like the Sony Viao P or Asus EEE PC). A small notebook mouse, with LASER tracking, is the way to go.

    I have reviewed many notebook mice before. The Rotino Sigma mouse is small and fits nicely into my pocket,and it used to be the smallest mouse around. However it has since been superceded with this Z-Nano mouse, which is about a third its size. Z-Nano is the current Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Smallest optical mouse. We are actually witnessing miniaturization at its best with this amazingly small gadget.

    Though incredibly small and light, it packs a real punch with features that even its bigger cousin mice sorely lacks. It is a laser mouse (1600dpi) with selectable dpi (like a gaming mouse). With the shift of the clicks to single finger front-and-back clicking, it effectively halved the size the mouse and eliminates the problem of having a small and frustrating Right button. It even comes with a unique auto-scroll feature for reading (hardware controlled), and soft touches like a small pointer to trace the outline of images. Using a rare-earth magnet to manage its medical-grade wire elimates the problem of the unreliable thin wire and the retractable mechanism that many small notebook mice possess.

    It may LOOK uncomfortable and impractical to use because of its small size, but it is actually better than a lot of the notebook mice I have used. Since it is so small, the idea is NOT to grip the mouse, but to rest your whole palm on the table and simply slide it across the surface. No gripping, no wrist pain!

    Surprisingly, I have little problems switching to the new interface and one-finger clicking. I suggest that if one of my finger is tired (which I did not experience after an hour of using), I can easily switched it over to the next finger ;-)

    In summary, I find this Z-Nano extremely handy and serves very well as a travelling mouse. Although small for normal deskop use, this Z-Nano represents a great leap in mobility for the notebook users.

    Definitely my choice for all business travellers and small notebook users.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ #1:

    Boy, do I have the chinese crapgadget for YOU!

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