Mitch Altman travels to Trinity College, Dublin

Mitch Altman — Greeetings from Dublin, the second city on my tour of European hacker spaces and conferences. It’s 2am here, after another night of intense conversation and drinking with the local geeks. I was met at the airport yesterday by 5 of said geeks holding laptops, each displaying part of my name – what better way to start my first stay in Ireland? If my experience is at all typical, then people in Dublin really are warm and open, as I’ve been told by friends who’ve visited here. I’m already friends with several people I never even heard of a couple days ago. From the airport I was scuttled to a respected drinking establishment, frequented by the Netsoc crowd, Netsoc being the computer society of Trinity College. [Pictured above] Conversation and drinking ensued – till 4 in the morning, when the pub manager lost patience and kicked us all out. The presentation I gave today included several of my favorite rants about TV and its effects, making conscious choices in our lives, encouraging everyone to do what they love. I guess it went over well, since they brought me along with them to the aforementioned pub. Tomorrow I go to Limerick to give another talk at the university there. PreviouslyMitch Altman travels to Roboexotica
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2 Responses to Mitch Altman travels to Trinity College, Dublin

  1. Arsnof says:

    Is that a young Neil Gaiman in the middle row of the first picture?

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    That first photo looks like Boomtown Rats 2.0.

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