They make webcams inside of dinosaurs now

This Dinosaur WebCam, available for $17 at crapvendor Sourcing Map, may not be as "high detailed realistic" as they claim — I don't recall many dinosaurs unearthed with cans of nitrous crammed in their mouths — but it is awful cute. And no with completely manual focus! It's staggering how many different corny webcams are available from these places, all just cheap enough I want to collect them all. I mean, a "Brown Cartoon Windmill" webcam? That's adorable, even if it is inexplicably perched on a set of engorged...oh, maybe that's a heart. Dinosaur webcam Product Page [Sourcing Map] (Thanks, Jenny!)
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5 Responses to They make webcams inside of dinosaurs now

  1. dove says:

    How could you not comment on this, the “cutest ever design for a webcam”, the Angel Baby Pinocchio-Witch?
    “Not only will you have an video conferencing tool, with a sharp resolution of 1280*960 and up to 15fps along with the ability to take spot photos directly from the webcam, but people will constantly be making comments about how cute and original your desktop looks.”


  2. haineux says:

    I thought DealExtreme was crapful. Silly me.

    SourcingMap makes them look like mere pikers.

    What a crapful world we live in! Hurrah!

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    If it weren’t for the lens sticking out of the head, I’d think that this was a marshmallow-and-gumdrop dinosaur and try to eat it.

  4. arkizzle says:

    Re:: the Brown Cartoon Windmill webcam..


    *caw caw*

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