Eee Box gets Celeron crossgrade

Spotted at Italian Eee fansite, news of a Celeron-equipped desktop adds yet another Eee PC to the dozens already in existence. Otherwise similar to current Atom-powered models, the Celeron Eee Box will offer similar performance from its older, cheaper, more power-hungry chip. Why the switch? Because Intel can't make Atom CPUs fast enough to keep up with demand where they're needed, in notebooks. Source (Italian) [ via Lilliputing]

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  1. shutz says:

    …and since Intel actually DOESN’T want Atom chips to be used in “full-fledged” computers, only in “appliances” and specialized devices, they may keep their production levels low to discourage the practice of putting Atom into netbooks and such.

    I’m surprised that AMD/ATI haven’t come out with an “Atom-killer”. They could easily swoop in and grab the netbook market from under Intel, if they put in a good effort.

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