Old washing machine drum turned into lamp

If you're constantly wondering what to do with old washing machine agitator drums, here's your answer: turn them into lamps and sell them on the internet for $500.

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7 Responses to Old washing machine drum turned into lamp

  1. ashley sanders says:

    So I am a month late, but I was wondering where I can get these drums. I have searched everywhere (I live in SLC) at used part places and salvage stores, but they don’t have one. I FINALLY got one today from a used parts place, but it is dingy black and covered in what looks like porcelain enamel. So: any ideas where to get metal ones or how to get the drum I have down to the metal?

    I would really appreciate ANY advice.


  2. HeatherB says:


  3. nehpetsE says:

    washing machine drums make great composting barrels too.

  4. kamiikoneko says:

    That is beautiful. I always want to build stuff like this, and I always see things and think “man I could do ______ with that”, but still don’t have half the tools I would need. Stuff is expensive and there are a million little things that come up that require another tool. I wish i lived in a bigger city so I could get my co-op on…

  5. hobomike says:

    Looks like you could grate a wholelota cheese!

  6. TedJohnson says:

    @#2 I recently used one as a portable fire pit. We threw some firewood in the thing, and it let air in and heat out–but contained sparks, soot, and most of the ashes.

  7. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    @#3 posted by kamiikoneko

    One nice thing about Berkeley is that, right in the same building as the Public (book) Library, there is a Tool-Lending Library. You can borrow anything from a table saw or a tile-cutter to welding equipment or even just some metric allen (sp?) wrenches or giant plumber’s wrenches.

    I know people that have redone their entire kitchens themselves using the tool-lending library.

    I think this is something that people could start in their own communities pretty easily.

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