Atom WiBrain is either new ultramobile PC or supervillain name

WiBrain, the brilliantly-named UMPC, is to be upgraded with Intel's Atom CPU. From UPMC Portal, which has one in for review:
Before you get excited though, It has to be said that there’s absolutely no indication of a ship date for the i1 yet. Indeed, my emails to Wibrain are still going unanswered so I suspect some form of PR block which either indicates that they will launch at CES or that they are locked up in the war room trying to work out what the best strategy is.
The Wibrain looks as strange as its name sounds, but is in fact quite well designed: the large touchpad's bottom-right location makes mousing easy. It's also relatively cheap. Wibrain i1 on its way. Live session Wednesday [UMPC Portal]

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One Response to Atom WiBrain is either new ultramobile PC or supervillain name

  1. Charlie Stross says:

    The touchpad’s location may make mousing easy for you, but for me it’s a deal-breaker: I’m left-handed, and by putting the pad where I can’t use it they’ve cost themselves 15% of their potential market.

    When will they learn …?

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