Chiaroscuro PC case modeled on Olympic building


Modeled on a striking building constructed for the Beijing Olympics, Nick Falzone’s custom PC case is made of aluminum-lined wood and modeled on renders created by the original architect.

After completing my last few cases, I wanted to try my hand at something a little different. People often asked me why, if I was building cases from scratch, I would simply use the “standard” PC chassis shape and besides the reply “it just works that way”, I did not have much to say back to them. I also always loved how Jounge’s (Gert Swolfs) Hypercube 2 Case looked and so I decided to build a cube case. The concept for the case went further than just the shape and it turned into a desire to make a computer case less that looks less like a computer case and more like a beautiful object.

There’s even a clever example of the easy way being the better way: the lighting effect was accomplished not with a fancy LED array, but with translucent acrylic.

Chiaroscuro by Nick Falzone []

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One Response to Chiaroscuro PC case modeled on Olympic building

  1. OM says:

    …You know, I’m not one who’s into gimmick cases, but I actually like this one. I’m just surprised that since it was modeled after something associated with the Bejing Olympics it wasn’t red with gold lights, and at least one Hammer & Sickle somewhere.

    What’s the case measurements on this anyway?

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