Mitch Altman travels to Limerick

There once was a hacker named Mitch… Greetings from Limerick, Ireland! Folks I’ve met here assure me that the (often lewd) little poems we’ve all come across are not from this locale, though people are certainly not shy of a bit of lewdness, at least in their speech, if the parties I’ve been to are any indication. Yesterday I gave a presentation at the University of Limerick for Skynet, their computer society. My talk was about the social implications of technology. It gave me another fine opportunity to rant, and I was gratified that people found it humorous, entertaining, and even (according to some) inspiring. How do you use technology in your life? What might your life be like if you made just a few more choices to do what you truly love in your life? What might our world be like if more people made these sorts of choices? My hosts have been most gracious during my stay here, providing me with plenty of social occasions, food, and parties. My time in Limerick has been lacking only in sleep, and making up for that in spades though great conversation and warm feelings. Tomorrow I go (way too early in the morning) to Paris, where I will be visiting with tmplab, the next hacker space on my agenda.
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  1. queersaywhat says:

    I love your lecture topics! I had a similar moment in the Portuguese countryside. Everyone I was around was completely relaxed and no one was complaining about work the next day. Let me know if you make your way to the boot.

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