The $150 iPhone

AT&T is selling refurbished iPhones for $150 shipped, with a 2-year contract. This gives you a pre-tax, pre-fees total cost of ownership of $1,830 instead of $1,880. Oh, and you only get a 90 day warranty. And the possibility of "minor scratches." Refurbished cell phones [AT&T via CNET]

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3 Responses to The $150 iPhone

  1. somevelvet says:

    Right, unlike all those other cell phones that give you two years of free phone and data service!

  2. the name says:

    Anyone know what the cancellation of service policy is? With the 3G soft unlock around the corner I’m thinking upgrade.

    @SOMEVELVET: Yes. As opposed to those.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ THE NAME: I bought a new 3G from AT&T and the ETF was $200, pro-rated by $5 every month. I cancelled after 2 months and paid $190 and that was that.

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