Brando's latest glowing, palm-sized keyboard

Another miniature wireless keyboard from purveyors of crapulence, Brando. This time, it comes in the electric blue backlight of a Tron helmet. There's also a USB slot on the side for adding a peripheral mouse. It seems like this is aimed at the HTPC crowd, but it's really too small to be useful for that, eschewing any media center buttons to keep it palm sized. Also: $47? Oh, Brando. Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard [USB via DVICE]
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6 Responses to Brando's latest glowing, palm-sized keyboard

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    What children in the Matrix city use

  2. randalll says:

    Brando’s got electrolytes.

  3. mgfarrelly says:

    Maybe the usb port is for plugging in an actual keyboard?

  4. bibulb says:

    Well, I wouldn’t mind a glowing blue micro bluetooth keyboard.



  5. teuthis says:

    Strangely long fingers. hrnnn.

  6. Bryan Price says:

    Looks like a Photoshop disaster to me.

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