Motorola's new concept smartphone merges RAZR with iPhone

Courtesy of Boy Genius Report, these leaked images of Motorola's 2009 smartphone concept, which mostly impresses by the slide out QWERTY. It looks gorgeous, but also uncomfortably reminds of the revolting, rubbery T9 on Motorola's definitive excretion of design over usability, the Razer. Upcoming 2009 Verizon Handsets from Motorola Pose for BGR [BGR]
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3 Responses to Motorola's new concept smartphone merges RAZR with iPhone

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    looks a little too late

  2. adralien says:

    Please god, let the software work better than the Razer.

    I’ve never seen nice hardware come with such crap software before in my life. Epically useless.

  3. Alan says:

    Let’s hope, for Motorola’s sake, that they have the forsight to put this on the market AND be working on their next gen phone, instead of sitting on their asses and wondering why they don’t dominate the market with the same phone for 5 years.

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