12seconds gets as close to iPhone video as Apple will allow

Video on the iPhone? Not quite, but 12seconds.tv has an iPhone app that takes as valiant a stab as Apple permits. Here's the pitch:
The app let's you take 3 photos (or choose 3 photos from your library) and then record twelve seconds of audio.  The photos and audio make a slideshow which outputs as a twelve second video to your 12seconds account.  Here's an example or two of videos I've recorded using a trial version of the app. ... Apple refuses to let people record video with an iPhone.  But 12seconds has created the next best thing with their slideshow app
It adds Ken Burns effects to the photos to enhance the illusion, and each video gets its own YouTube-like url on the 'net. It costs 99 cents and enters public beta today. 12seconds Thanks, David!

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3 Responses to 12seconds gets as close to iPhone video as Apple will allow

  1. cfrau15 says:

    I love my iPhone, but it is lacking in some major areas. Such as MMS (Come on any “free with a plan” phone can do that) And the lack of video capabilities. I think Apple needs to step up to the plate and get these things add ASAP.

  2. KanedaJones says:

    my wife and I just had a half hour debate on wether its fair to write this article without mentioning that the thing is capable of video, just that apple is waiting to bring out their own video recorder. I pointed out there are three sentences that point out its apple’s will alone that prevents it from having video and every article can’t be about the app store kill switch but I must admit shes right when it comes to the reason why iphone users (without jailbreaking) can’t have a decent recorder.

    thanks for trying anyways 12seconds.tv I’m sure its a cute little app.

  3. corpse 1 says:

    Or, you jailbreak your iPhone and get Cycorder, a very decent piece of video recording software.

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