CES Trend Watch: Fujitsu N7010 laptop nestles a tiny screen above its keyboard

Here's one of the trends you're going to see at CES this year: laptops with small, secondary displays inside. And here's a good example: the Fujitsu Lifebook N7010, with a small (but relatively high-resolution) touchscreen just above the keyboard. We also can tell you that another notebook manufacturer will be showing a laptop with a tiny screen that pops out of the side. GBM InkShow: Fujitsu N7010 and Secondary Display [GottaBeMobile.com via Engadget]
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6 Responses to CES Trend Watch: Fujitsu N7010 laptop nestles a tiny screen above its keyboard

  1. blindog says:

    Fujitsu LifeBook N7010 demo was posted here back in November. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTKvXA8u750

  2. Jerril says:

    Purposes for the secondary display – put the dang toolbar buttons on it, instead of hanging off the top or side of your main document.

    Put your Start bar or local OS equivalent on it.

    It’s small, but calling it “Hard to see” is a little odd, considering it seems about as big as the screen on a cellphone, and MUCH bigger than the display on my watch, which is a horrible cheap low contrast spinach green-and-darker spinach green display, yet still perfectly legible.

  3. urshrew says:

    Why does someone need a tiny, hard to see screen under the actual screen?

  4. Lonin says:


    10.6in screen out to the side, that’s pretty freakin’ huge. It’s like a netbook on your notebook. *insert Xzibit meme*

  5. Clay says:

    Egad, the proportions to which time-tested laptop forms have been distorted to accommodate that screen are slightly repulsive.

    The best alternative would be a super-thin, super-wide strip of LCD, which would be prohibitively expensive for a single model but perhaps some Chinese fab could start turning them out for just such a purpose.

  6. prunk says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to get something like this for my desktop for a long time. I want to make a small (5-7inch) touchscreen that you can quickly change the interface and have hotkeys on them. Something i would like to have display random things like weather or news feeds. Then with a touch on the feed it pops open a browser on your main screen. The main thing that holds me back is where do you get these tiny touch screens that can be easily plugged into and recognized?

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