Go Team Lithium Battery!

An alliance of companies are working together with the U.S. government to create lithium battery capable of easily powering electric vehicles.
The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture was modeled after SEMATECH, the successful public-private venture created in the late 1980s to restore U.S. prominence in computer semiconductor technology. Besides Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions, a joint venture of Johnson Controls Inc and France's Saft Groupe SA, and 3M Co, the founding members of the battery alliance are ActaCell, All Cell Technologies, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc, Eagle Picher Industries Inc, EnerSys, Envia Systems, FMC Corp, MicroSun Technologies, Mobius Power, SiLyte, Superior Graphite, and Townsend Advanced Energy.
Godspeed. U.S. government lab, 14 firms team up on lithium battery [Reuters]
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5 Responses to Go Team Lithium Battery!

  1. zlite says:

    What? Sematech was a notorious failure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SEMATECH

  2. murmurnyc says:

    Anybody know where we get the stuff that MAKES the Lithium batteries? I had heard it was places in the world as problematic as where we get our oil (Congo, China, Russia, etc…)

  3. adralien says:

    Hmm, As a Li-ion expert, I can tell you there already is Li-ion technology good enough for vehicles… LiFePo4 is pretty much perfect, and being mass manufactured in China already.

    If you want, you can order car-battery sized LiFePo4 packs today for reasonable cost from China. All it would take is a major vehicle manufacturer to get off there arse and implement the technology. (add proper safety and controls which Chinese manufacturers seems to miss)

    If nerdy guys can electrify an old Datsun in their garage, Detroit should be able to make them cheaply in 100,000 lots. They just don’t want to.

    There is also the issue of mining enough Li to run all the world’s cars.
    There are already Chinese electric motorbike manufacturers shipping Li-ion in bikes that are arbitrarily speed limited to meet LSEV regulation in America. Sub $5K bikes with 50km ranges.

    What they may -mean- when they say alliance is more likely protecting their US market from what is coming out of China. I also understand there are patent issues surrounding LiFePo4 that are before the courts.

    Also a nice way to get $2 Billion in development money to secure more patents!

  4. OM says:

    …heh, I remember Tom Kelly’s Eagle Picher stories from the early days of Grumman’s efforts to build the first LM. The batteries EP made were manufactured in what can be best described as “black room” conditions. There’s even a great scene where Kelly describes one EP employee working on an LM battery who’d sat a lit cigarette down on the edge of the battery while he worked on something else and let it burn until it dropped a big clomp of ciggie ash into the open battery!

  5. ridl says:

    There must be some way we can just force the oil companies to release all the patents they’ve been gobbling and suppressing for the last 70 years…

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