Highway signs are huge

The South Central Sign Shop in Union Gap, Washington, part of WSDOT, the Washington State Department of Transportation, has a Flickr stream.
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12 Responses to Highway signs are huge

  1. gabrielm says:

    Are you saying that things which must be seen from far away are bigger then things that are seen close up?

    Thank for the change of perspective :)

  2. jeffjonez says:

    On the east coast, they’ve started using a different, more chubby font on the highway signs. I noticed it early this year. Anyone know what this new typeface is called?

  3. morcheeba says:

    I took a shot of some highway signs in the parking lot … from a unique perspective:
    It’s not a pretty picture, but it helps show how big those signs are!

  4. Sekino says:

    Neat! I had pondered on this before, but I was looking at street lights. I was thinking about them as large-ish lamps until I stared at one and tried to find reference points. Then it struck me that several poeple could comfortably stand atop one!

  5. acb says:

    Typographical trivia: They use the same Interstate typeface (also known as “Highway Gothic”, which sounds like a vampire road movie) in Australia.

    In the UK and some other countries (former British dependencies, as well as places like Iceland and the United Arab Emirates), they use a different one, named Transport, designed in the 1960s by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, who also did the UK road signage system and the Helvetica-like sans-serif used on railway station signage.

  6. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    This is great; thanks for posting it Joel, and thanks for the aerial view morcheeba.

  7. Mike in MD says:

    I work with a company that has 30-40 of those signs in our yard. Does anyone know if there is a racking system or holder of some sort that i can put them in to organize them? Or even an idea of where i would look to find one, or make one. I was going to put down some wood & use rebar to make some kind of racking system.

    Any help would really be great!!!

  8. Clay says:

    Actually, I’m curious that the production guys in the photo are working on a sign that still uses the old Interstate typeface — I thought ClearView was now mandatory for any new signage that’s part of the interstate highway system. Although I guess that’s a state highway, so it wouldn’t fall under that rule, but still, I’d think that as long as they had the new signcutter patterns, they’d use them everywhere.

  9. Jake0748 says:

    They ARE huge, aren’t they. There was a sign half a block from my old office that was a little more than head-high. (It said “no left turns” or some such). When driving by you’d just think it was a plain old road sign. But when you walked next to it, it was startlingly large.

  10. kerns says:

    Why, oh why, is Kneeling Checked Shirt Guy not Kneeling a few feet to the left.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ZOMG that sign lives only a few miles from my house! What randomness.

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