Liquid lamps ooze gore and light

These lamps from Caina's Design shop oozes gouts of gorish silicon like a redrum hallucination at a recently re-decorated Overlook Hotel. That sort of chicness will cost, though: they cost about $262 a piece. Liquid Lamp [Caina via Coolest Gadgets]
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2 Responses to Liquid lamps ooze gore and light

  1. clueless in brooklyn says:

    If you like these lamps, I suggest you go to Ikea and find a way to make these things in under $10.

    Maybe just get one of their $4 red desk lamps, put in a bulb that’s too hot for its intention, let it melt a little, then paint the outside white and put in a smaller bulb.

  2. Jake0748 says:

    ABOUT $262 a piece??!! Man, I’m tired of this vague pricing information we get around here. :)

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