LG's floating DVD player is gorgeous

We don't post many DVD players here, since slotting your media into a drive seems so positively quaint these days, but LG's romantically named DVS540H is about as gorgeous and minimal a DVD player can get until someone figures out how to counter-gravitationally affix it in a scintillating beam of light. It does the rest of the usual, sans Blu-Ray: upscaling DVDs to 1090p and play DivX files from an attached hard drive. It's $240. LG DVS450H ‘floating’ DVD player reviewed: stylish and capable [Slashgear]
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10 Responses to LG's floating DVD player is gorgeous

  1. Sam says:

    Upscales to 1090p, eh?

  2. Duffong says:

    All that pretty hardware and the remote looks like poo.

  3. things says:

    “Under the glass, the CD player would move to find the CD, and then the CD player itself would spin (instead of the CD)”

    That’s a cool idea! Would be a super party trick, throwing a cd on the table and it automatically starts playing

  4. technogeek says:

    Pretty indeed. Of course my own preference is to have a turntable or server so one almost never handles the disks, and hide the entire audio system, but if you want to expose a console this is an elegant bit of industrial design.

  5. Blue says:

    1090 all ready?

    Damn, technology moves fast.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow – 1090 P! that is at least 10 better than the rest of ‘em!

  7. jerwin says:

    I already have a DVD player– and a pretty decent one, too. It doesn’t do 1080p, but then my HDTV doesn’t either. So my next player will probably be a Bluray–despite this player’s support of DIVX HD.

    But some things that weren’t covered in the review:

    1. How well does this player deinterlace? Does the video stream stutter or comb? Is it really using those 1080 lines of resolution to full effect, or can other DVD players do better?

    2. Is it region free? Suppose your friends, parents, children send you a disks of stuff that wasn’t released in the states. Will it play the disc?

    3. Is it silent? Spin a CD. During quiet, delicate portions of the music, can you hear the whir of a spinning motor?

    Finally, the top loading aspect is incompatible with most stereo racks. Real stereo equipment can live on a shelf.

  8. Rob, Denmark says:

    Be sure to get the BoingBoing version. The version on SlashGear.com is only 1080p

    (the last 10p is for correcting copy’n’paste errors)

  9. Anonymous says:

    1090P? That’s 10 better, isn’t it?

  10. morcheeba says:

    I had an idea for the ideal CD changer a number of years back. It would be a glass top, and you’d just set the CDs on top — in any place. Under the glass, the CD player would move to find the CD, and then the CD player itself would spin (instead of the CD). Of course, you wouldn’t see this magic happening, so it would be very minimal.

    Now, with MP3s and hard drives, you could do the same thing much easier. You could even do it with a flatbed scanner – just read the barcode on the center of the CD to sync it with the previously-stored MP3.

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