Mac Mini "leak" causes excitement, ennui

Macenstein receives a pic from an anonymous sauce, and the internet goes OMG. Then someone points out the problem: why would a Mac Mini have a lid? Why would it be made of MacBook? To my mind, the marketing line is unappealing ("World's smallest potato") and lacks Apple's characteristic wordplay. 9to5mac reader Sverkel does a prettier photoshop using the same source material. There needs to be a new word for the state of disappointment brought on by image manipulation. I propose photoshopathy. Is this the new Mac mini? [Macenstein]

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17 Responses to Mac Mini "leak" causes excitement, ennui

  1. craiig says:

    This is so wacky I almost believe it. Would Apple be so anal-retentive about styling to give their mac-mini a fake lid? Lid-style? So their entire line looks the same when everything is closed?

    If the leaker claims the lid opens, then I call shenanigans. If it’s just a lid-like styling then I’m not so sure.

  2. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    I lean towards thinking it’s fake, but the “fake lid” isn’t really why: the Time Capsule would look the same if the top were curved instead of boxy.

  3. grimc says:


    Apple would be anal-retentive enough NOT to give the Mini a “lid”. All of Apple’s products are minimalist. They wouldn’t add a gutter for aesthetics.

  4. Splendor says:

    Mmm…anonymous sauce.

  5. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    @grimc: You mean, like the Time Capsule, and the Airport Extreme Base Station that preceded it?

  6. theawesomerobot says:

    Apple designed it to be opened up so you can swap out the HD and RAM yourseLOL… damn, couldn’t make it through that entire statement.

  7. MT_Head says:

    One possible way that “Apple’s characteristic wordplay” might actually be in operation: if this is, in fact, a picture of an upcoming tiny laptop. Apple might then be saying that their new tiny laptop is a desktop replacement…

  8. grimc says:


    Duh. You got me.

  9. 0xdeadbeef says:

    “There needs to be a new word for the state of disappointment brought on by image manipulation.”

    What’s wrong with gullible?

  10. Kenneth Extension says:

    @MT_Head – Like the new Apple Mactini, you mean?

  11. Matt23 says:

    Have “leaked” Apple marketing materials (complete with tag line) ever panned out to be true?

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is fake because, no IR receiver on the front, unless this thing is really long or SSD powered it seems like getting an HD in there is going to be tricky.

    Doesn’t seem to know if it’s a Mac Mini or an Apple TV.

  13. Anonymous says:


    “What’s wrong with gullible?”

    There’s nothing wrong with gullible, only that it means something else entirely.

  14. jssr says:

    must be fake. something about the vanishing point of the text line and the top/bottom lines doesn’t seem to match…

  15. billso says:

    Looks fake to me. A new Mac Mini should look similar to the existing Mini and the Airport Extreme, right?

  16. axual says:

    Perhaps the lid slides to hide a dock. But then again, how would I know?

  17. kvh says:

    I think it’s believable — I’m thinking maybe milled from the ‘brick’ again – and the ‘lid’ is actually a vent for cooling…

    not that i actually care – I just want the iphone upgraded.

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