Sony: "In only a matter of days you will change the way you think about laptops."

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Sony's site for its new VAIO–perhaps the umpc/netbook/mid/new picturebook spotted at the FCC a few weeks ago–is up. Sony has many trademarks, but the ones listed in this site's terms and conditions are "AIWA", "SONY", "VAIO", "WALKMAN", "Trinitron", "i.LINK", and "Memory Stick." It also reminds us that Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Site [Sony New Zealand via Engadget]

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5 Responses to Sony: "In only a matter of days you will change the way you think about laptops."

  1. Pope Bugg IX says:

    If i.Link (as well as FireWire and Lynx) is just an expensive way of saying “IEEE 1394″, does that mean I can come up with nicknames for things that already exist and are named, and then trademark my nicknames? I completely fail to understand why video camera manufacturers other than Sony, for example, would be willing to pay money to use the name i.Link, FireWire, or Lynx (even though no one calls it Lynx…) when they could just say IEEE 1394. It seems like as far as the average consumer is concerned, i.Link is just as alien a term as IEEE 1394, and they’ll get the same information when they Google it, and manufacturers could be saving themselves a lot of money by simply using terminology that doesn’t come with some bullshit copyright splattered all over it.

    Aside from all that, everyone knows that interface as FireWire, right? They’re marketed as FireWire cables, right? Just what the hell is i.Link? Bunk! That’s what it is! Pffah!

  2. midknyte says:

    I don’t need that many words not to want it.

    It’s Sony. ’nuff said

  3. nuorder says:

    “It’s Sony, ’nuff said…”

    Now, c’mon…I think you’re being a little harsh on Sony. They put out some quality hardware and besides, Consumer Reports always has them listed near the tops for their laptops as well as their personal computers.

  4. midknyte says:

    Sony’s attempts to secure their media division with yet-another-media-format is tiring. The Rootkit was incredibly brazen, and unforgivably stupid.

  5. punkgeek says:

    I’ve owned two different Vaios – both times Sony tried to weasel out of warantee repairs. A huge headache with awful US repair support.

    Never again.

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