Pass it on: Football 2 for iPhone

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IPhone developer Mark Helmuth is dedicated to feeding the old-school handheld gaming nostalgia beast: LED Football 2 is released today for iPhone. It'll be up at the AppStore imminently. New features include running, kicking, punts, field goals and, of course, passing. It even emulates the slow accumulation of wear on the plastic buttons:
Introducing LED Football 2 with passing. Now you're in charge with 2nd generation electronic football technology! Total Control LED Football 2 with Passing means you have total offense. Now the power is at your fingertips to bring the defense to its knees. Watch as your receiver goes wide and your Quarterback locks on. Hit the orange PASS button and let that bad boy fly over the heads of that shifty defense (watch out, they can and will intercept you!) and into the waiting arms of your fastest receiver. Now you take control of the receiver as you dodge that line of defense.
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One Response to Pass it on: Football 2 for iPhone

  1. OM says:

    …You know, if they just sold the game like that, it would still sell 30 years after those LED games became “obsolete”. It’s retro-k00l enough to be a hit!

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