Gas Cubby for iPhone on sale for $1

Gas Cubby, the very well reviewed iPhone application for tracking car maintenance and fuel efficiency is on sale today for a buck. (It's normally $5.) You can export your car data without much issue — it supports Excel/CSV — but I'd really like to see integration with Fuely. Gas Cubby [iTunes App Store]
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2 Responses to Gas Cubby for iPhone on sale for $1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too bad the sale didn’t last. Its five bucks again on Xmas eve.

    I nearly bit.

    You see I got one of the earlier available gas apps for the iPhone, what is now called FuelGauge, and its interface seems to work fine for me, because I don’t know what is missing.

    But it was free.

    It would be nice to pull that data out somehow at the end of the year, or be able to pop my oil changes (a habit which does not fluctuate too much and can usually be gleaned from mileage figures)

    I can’t imagine the app getting the info off easily however. iPhone Notes doesn’t even want to sync. Audio recorders have to use WiFi to move to your computer. And a gas app may not be that attractive at more than free or minmal costs, because I already know the average MPG for the vehicle anyway.

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