Merry Xmas (or whatever!)

[via Mechanics]
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7 Responses to Merry Xmas (or whatever!)

  1. El Mariachi says:

    @Scuba Sm:

    Garrett Wade sells something similar, geared more towards carpentry than machining (e.g., minus the calipers but plus a couple other things):

  2. Scuba SM says:

    So, where can I get one of these gizmos? If it does what it says, it should be pretty handy in the woodshop.

  3. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Nice. Small company, long gone..

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    I’ll buy that for a dollar!


  5. zuzu says:

    Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

    The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, founded in 1826, was a Whiggish London organisation that published inexpensive texts intended to adapt scientific and similarly high-minded material for the rapidly expanding reading public. It was established mainly at the instigation of Lord Brougham with the objects of publishing information to people who were unable to obtain formal teaching, or who preferred self-education. The Society was sometimes mentioned in contemporary sources as SDUK.

    References to the Society are rare in the modern era, but within Steampunk culture, it is not entirely uncommon to refer to the Society itself and/or its better-known publications in an attempt to lend Victorian verisimilitude.

  6. Elvis Pelt says:

    Merry Whatever, Gadgeteers!

    Oh yeah, uh, want? (Sorry.)

  7. zuzu says:

    The foundation of civilization rests on inventions of new machinery. To keep abreast of mechanical progress should be the aim of every intelligent man.

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