Magnetically attachable iPhone camera lens

The iPhone's camera is execrable, like taking a photograph of saturated picture hell through a glass smeared vaseline darkly. Thus, a lot of the third-party accessories for fitting your iPhone with additional lenses seemed a bit silly... especially when these lenses fit to the iPhone only through the bulkiest of case attachments. There's still something silly about slapping a more powerful lens on your iPhone, but if you are prone to do such a thing, this magnetic snap-on lens sold for $17 by USB Fever probably is the best way to do it: a little, magnetized rubber ring, affixed by glue around your iPhone's occulus, with the lens itself snapping on and off according to Rear Window style whims. And it works for other phones too. Magnetic / Detachable Wide Angle Lens for iPhone / Cellphone / NDS [USB Fever via Gizmodo]
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8 Responses to Magnetically attachable iPhone camera lens

  1. AirPillo says:

    Somehow this seems like bolting a spoiler onto a limousine.

  2. arkizzle says:

    GodFathersSoul, it really does look like an iPipe..
    Or, in RL, a Silver Plam Leaf :)

  3. godfathersoul says:

    hmmmm….. for a second there i thought this, uh, little apparatus was turning the iphone into an, um, ibowl…. what will they think of next!?

  4. Tensegrity says:

    saturated picture hell through a glass smeared vaseline darkly

    Brilliant, Mr. Brownlee.

    Perhaps the best thing one could attach to the back of an iphone to enhance its photo quality is another entire digital camera.

  5. IWood says:

    Yes. Let me attach this magnet to my expensive electronic device.

  6. Anonymous says:

    First off, it’s silly to say that the iPhone can’t benefit from a macro lens. There are several applications that can use — if not require — such a lens. Two that come to mind are Evernote (which will OCR any text, including a snap of a business card) and Snappr (‘scans’ barcodes and immediately shows you the best online prices). As the article mentions, every other macro lens solution for the iPhone requires a case, which I absolutely hate. As more computer-vision-based applications are released for the iPhone, I expect lenses to be an even bigger part of the iPhone accessory market.

    With respect to this specific product, I love it. I prefer my iPhone ‘naked’. I use an adhesive vinyl screen protector, but that’s it. Why bulk up such a nice slim phone if you don’t have to? I am actually going to order one of these lenses I think, in lieu of the Clarifi case to which I had resigned myself. When I’m not using the lens I will probably keep it tucked away in my jacket or briefcase, and I don’t expect the little magnetic ring to be very noticable.

    Also speaking of magnets, the person who was questioning the attachment of a magnet to their ‘expensive electronic device’ needs not worry. That is a carry-over fear from the days of floppy disks where even a weak magnet could wreak havoc upon the data stored therein. There is zero threat to the iPhone’s circuit, I assure you. :)

  7. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    I love the Clarifi. It doesn’t really bulk up your iPhone, but what it does add (in addition to the obvious macro lens) is some rubberized grips and protection.

    And it’s one of the few cases that still lets you fit a large plug in the headphone jack.

  8. a random John says:

    Why anyone would want an angle wider than the iPhone already offers is beyond me.

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