Vogue advertises $830 netbook sleeves

Spotted in this month's Vogue, this utter insanity: ensconcing your $349 Dell Inspiron Mini 9 in an $830 Goyard netbook sleeve. Aren't sleeves supposed to cost less than the computers they protect? [image via Geeksugar]
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14 Responses to Vogue advertises $830 netbook sleeves

  1. urshrew says:

    $830 for something that is not very attractive? That’s the true fashion failure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read a lot of vogue and “the last look” is a feature they do every month that shows the most extravagant and expensive (and often useless) things they can find. I don’t think they are advertising or pushing this bag, just showing how far couture can be taken.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like black pearls to me.

  4. IWood says:

    THE SIGN OF RECOGNITION of a Goyard creation is the excellence of the finish, immediately evident to the initiated. Each detail of fabrication speaks of the very special attention paid to quality and whispers absolute exclusivity.

    There you have it, with the excellence and the quality and the exclusivity. Buy it.

  5. mistermb says:

    I’m wondering when the diamond encrusted sleeve to protect the sleeve will come out.

  6. Evil Jim says:

    Made by the same slave children as your $5 T-shirts. Enjoy!

  7. acx99 says:

    It’s OK. Dell will sell you a 40$ laptop bag to protect the expensive sleeve

  8. Anonymous says:

    Women love bags for the obvious reason: Scrotum envy.

  9. PaulR says:

    There are no $40,000 jewel-encrusted Dell netbooks available. So this rich people’s way of reminding us that they ARE different from you and me.

  10. steve rimjobs says:

    I guess you could argue that the sleeve will outlive several netbooks.

  11. dculberson says:

    Putting a price limit on fashion? You pleb!

  12. Downpressor says:

    package costing more than the contents, isnt that what fashion is all about?

  13. Anonymous says:

    No no no, you put these sleeves *inside* the protective netbook.

  14. TJ S says:

    I have come to understand, that in the same way that regulars to this site have a sometimes inexplicible love for gadgets, some women have the same love for bags.
    I do not understand why, mind you. I’ve just come to accept that these women exist, and that my wife is one of them.

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