Hurrdurr Today: RIM CEO calls dud BlackBerry Storm a "netbook"

Another example of me-too executives munging a perfectly serviceable term, this time from RIM president and co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, talking about the company's new seems-a-turd, the "click screen" BlackBerry Storm: "These are Netbooks. They are just smaller." Let us respond with a quote from the Storm's namesake, the late Senator Thurmond: "She walks well, she looks good. Let's see how she kisses." The Storm is a Netbook, says RIM founder [ via]
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10 Responses to Hurrdurr Today: RIM CEO calls dud BlackBerry Storm a "netbook"

  1. Ryan Waddell says:

    I tried using one of these, and could not STAND the clicky screen. Blegh.

  2. mattzog says:

    I had a day-long learning curve on my Storm (previously having used and been pleased with a BB Curve), but now I love it. The .75 firmware it came with was a bit dodgy from what I’ve seen, but I loaded the leaked .85 firmware, and it’s been great. AND I can copy/paste. Tho, selling a device with wonky firmware and promising updates seems pretty shitty.

    Philosophically, I prefer something running Android (FOSS FTW)], but work pays for the Storm, and it’s been excellent so far. I expected to hate the clicky screen, but it solves the problem I had with friends’ iPhones; I couldn’t type accurately on the damn thing, and does so without adding a clunky sliding dealy. I am shocked to like the Storm as much as I do, and gladly so. I’m curious to see how the thing holds up in the long run. It seems like the click mechanism could get gunky.

    Now, someone crack the thing so I can put Android on it, and I’ll be thrilled both functionally and philosophically.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    I wonder how much money they blew on this dud? (They’re running ads for it on the main BBG page.) The sad thing is that the Bold is a decent upgrade, but is being overshadowed by this hunk of junk.

  4. Bilby says:

    Seems a dud? I’d argue that- for all the heckling the device has received, it only fails to measure up when compared to the perfection that is an avarage RIM device. Compared to virtually every other ‘smartphone’ out there, it works fine!

    I’ve had mine since (literally) 9am the day it was released, and yes- the software was not good at all. But within a week RIM released a firmware update that fixed a lot of problems, and judging by the leaked firmware I’ve seen since, RIM is constantly working to improve the OS. I have the .83 leaked firmware loaded now, and other then some bootup bugs it’s actually quite nice to work with, much faster and the keyboard is more precise.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the 2.0 version of the Storm will be everything people hoped for. I know this phone is dang close.

    #1 – not flaming, but what basis do you have for calling it a hunk of junk? The Storm DEFINITELY has a learning curve that is a bit rough for long-time BB addicts, but I have to say it’s quite a bit better then all of the other Blackberrys I’ve tried along the line. When I first got it I was tempted to return it and get something like the Bold (mostly due to the lag time in answering a call)… but the UI is so much nicer on the Storm that it was worth sticking with, bugs and all…

    tl;dr – woooo, Storm! :-D

  5. Enochrewt says:

    I walked by one in Best Buy on display, pressed on the screen to see how it clicked, laughed and walked away.

  6. BrokenMonkey says:

    Who the hell is Storm Thurmond? Is it Strom’s cousin or something?

  7. Joel Johnson says:

    Storm was his secret Klan callsign.

  8. Bilby says:

    @4 – Sounds like Strom’s sexy southern (illigetimate) daughter :D

  9. Not a Doktor says:

    Is there some kind of folding design I’m not aware of?

    Also the clicky screen is find to just play with, but I can tell that would get real tedious in the long run.

  10. yurei says:

    “She walks well, she looks good. Let’s see how she kisses.”

    Was he referring to a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Brontosaurus?

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