Load your Commodore floppy images from flash with Project: 1541-III

In modern terms, "Project: 1541-III" is old as the hills, hailing from the bucolic days of 2007. But considering it's a method with which to load .D64 files onto your Commodore via flash memory cards — and considering the video is charming as all get out — surely can will forgive.
The 1541-III is a PIC microcontroller controlling an FAT16 MMC/SD card with .D64 files. It is connected to a Commodore computer via the standard IEC-bus (the serial bus normally used to connect diskdrives and printers). The main goal of the circuit is to behave like a 1541 disk drive (therefore the name 1541-III). The MMC/SD card contains D64-files (or normal .PRG files). The user can select one .D64 file with standard LOAD"$",DEVICE commands. Once a .D64 file is selected it can be accessed like it was a real 5ΒΌ" floppy. The nice thing of this solution is that you can download these D64-files from internet to your MMC/SD card without the need of extra tools or cables. Because the 1541-III doesn't need to be inserted into the expansion port or require additional software or kernel it will work on every commodore computer (and even the hacked C64 DTV) that has an IEC-bus. It has been successfully tested on the following machines: VIC 20, C64, C16 and Plus4 Since the C64 is the most common 8-bit IEC machine this page will be written out of the C64 perspective.
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  1. airship says:

    There are newer, smaller, and cheaper solutions.

    For example, Jim Brain’s uIEC card is about 2.5×2.5 inches and lets you use a compact flash or SD card on the IEC bus. It’s about $50. He also makes a slightly larger version for $75 that adds a standard IDE hard drive interface.

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