These HDMI cables have a pushbutton lock

PPC's new "Locking HDMI Cable" purports to offer the "highest quality HDTV", a claim that is true only by dint of the fact that a disconnected HDMI cable would provide a television signal of the lowest quality. (Indeed, there is none more low than none.) Should you be afraid of spurting errant pixels all over the back of your television and require an HDMI cable with a pushbutton lock, PPC sells a three-foot length for $49. A basic three-foot flat ribbon HDMI sells for around $5 at, but does not include a lock — and in situations where it may be merited, such as kiosk installations or homes with grasping children unafraid of the lash, the 10x premium may be worth it. Locking HDMI cable company page []
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5 Responses to These HDMI cables have a pushbutton lock

  1. gber says:

    I’m not a big fan of cable designs that rely on friction to hold the connection. So something like this does appeal to me – but the price must be right.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    Never give a sucker an even break.

  3. jonfern says:

    This is actually a great idea. The HDMI connectors don’t always fit tightly and if your components have limited space behind them, such as in a cabinet, any stress on the cable will cause the connector to not seat properly.

  4. AverageJane says:

    Actually, that would come in handy in households like mine where the cats run around behind the TV and unplug things all the time. For that price, though, I’ll take my chances.

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