Boing Boing Gadgets at CES: Video Report, Day Two.

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In today's installment of Boing Boing Gadgets' video coverage from CES 2009 in Las Vegas:

* Rob Beschizza reports from the Sony press conference. Sony Electronics president and COO Stan Glasgow unveiled new OLED and LCD TVs, "Webbie" social networking video cameras, and the P series "lifestyle devices." Rob got a hands-on demo of these 1.4 pound laptops, which retail for $900 and allow you to connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, or Verizon cellular broadband.

* Joel harasses people waiting in line for the Ballmer keynote. What do people want from Microsoft? Verdict: most folks at the front of the line seemed most excited about their imminent proximity to His Ballmerhood. Many were in line with hopes of gleaning more info on Windows 7 features and release date, and one guy just wanted to see Ballmer "dance around and sweat and yell." Another dude wanted to hear Microsoft admit, at long last, that Bill Gates is a Communist.

* Xeni, Rob, and Joel huddle on the floor and fight over whose mobile phone is dumber, and who is more of a shameless fanboy/girl of which manufacturer.

* Xeni points out badly designed CES signage which might lead one to believe that attendees go about bashing babies in strollers.

* Joel is not amused that one of his colleagues tweeted he'd be wandering around the convention dressed in a fursuit. People are talking.

Sponsor shout-out: Boing Boing Video coverage of CES 2009 is sponsored by, in partnership with Intel and Asus. is intended to be a site where users come together to "share ideas, images and inspiration about the ideal PC." Participants' designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and "could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside."

Special thanks to Q-Burns Abstract Message for the background tracks in our CES episodes! Today: remixes of songs he produced with the lovely Lisa Shaw.

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8 Responses to Boing Boing Gadgets at CES: Video Report, Day Two.

  1. Gerr says:

    As the first group of four people interviewed in the Ballmer line starts, the chubby little one on the left seems to flip off the interviewer. Did anyone else see this?

  2. the_boy says:

    oh, Joel. Snark + apathy + hubris is such a wonderful combination to undermine the slightest inkling of excitement of CES-goers and to show just how awful the lack of dignity among marketing folk is. The only thing that would really improve upon this is a series of scatologically-minded remarks from Herr Brownlee. Where is he?

  3. babamoto says:

    Ooh, Xeni looks beautiful, and I love saying, “Beschizzle, my dizzle.” Vaio P = $300,000?

  4. Camillo Miller says:

    Joel’s glasses= want.

    Go guys, best CES covering around.

  5. dculberson says:

    But Babamoto, it’s apparently said “Biscuit-sa” and not “Be-shizz-a!” I’m so ashamed.

  6. dculberson says:

    And hungry.

  7. Stefan Jones says:

    RE fursuits:

    I used to attend every CES and COMDEX as a booth drudge.

    People in costumes and “mascot” suits were fairly common. Sometimes these were employees, sometimes hired models. (Trade shows had on-site model hiring services. My employer once hired a couple to pitch out stuff. They were very professional. He was a chorus guy after hours; she was a blackjack dealer.)

    One poor guy wandered the floor dressed up as a giant mailbox. He was plugging some kind of email application. I might still have the pins he was handing out.

    At another show a giant otter roamed the halls . . . a character from an educational CD-ROM. Looking for a shortcut to a restroom I stepped into a sort of curtained cubicle behind a booth. Stretched out on the floor was a young lady wearing the bottom half of the otter suit. She was soaked in sweat and looked utterly exhausted.

  8. craiig says:

    Oh wow. The Zune phone guy.

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