CES: One minute with the Myvu video glasses

It's like watching an iPod movie through the filter of a thousand migraines!
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8 Responses to CES: One minute with the Myvu video glasses

  1. Oren Beck says:

    These are a step in the right direction. Each improvement however small gets us closer to Gibson’s “Virtual Light” gear.

    The rules here are likely another incarnation of pick any two. Cheap- Light – Sharp. We can accept the other two of three as being Tough-Sleek-Comfortable. The true challenge will be the video equal of Dollar Store Headphones. Anyone delivering those will be responsible for a world changing tool. If only we can use it wisely.

  2. ab5tract says:

    I guess that’s the answer to my question “Have they made any that don’t suck yet?”…

  3. jamiethehutt says:

    I used to work at a veteranry imaging compainy and we took these exact glasses, pulled them appart, fitted our cables, put some surge protection in and tweaked them so they dont freak out when they cant find their inline remote. Oh we also water proofed them ;-).

    They run about 800×600, have a pretty sharp image, increibly sharp image for their cost. But a little poor colour (we used them for black and white images so no problem) and they dont block off the corner of your vision so their pretty distracting.

    If I remember correctly these ones work by shing a lazer from the edge of the glasses down a block of perspex and off a mirror into your eye. This sounds crazy but actually works alot better than traditional LCD tech.

    Basically if you want a set of VR goggles these are the ones to get, but remember your buying VR goggles and theres a reason they’ve not caught on. :-P

    Appologies about spelling, hurrdly typed this over lunch break.

  4. blackbrrrd says:

    I think these look flippin’ SICK! I don’t care if they do video or not. I think i’m going to try and make a fashion statement and craft my own pair of librarians with wires and shit coming out of them…

    Oh, and if that’s Brownlee, he only does them more justice – nice work!

  5. Dean says:

    I spent some time looking for a photo of Brownlee yesterday. I came up with nothing. The CES videos are devoid of Brownlee. Is this a legitimate photo of the elusive beast? Even so, is he going to be like Wilson on Home Improvement?

  6. RedShirt77 says:

    I saw someone wearing a pair of something that looked like these on a plane last summer. It was a flight outa Seattle if I remember correctly.

    Nice first class seat, so I didn’t get to study them much.

    If these are crap where did that guy get a pair worth using?

  7. shirleyknott says:

    i’ve been looking for a good pair of videoglasses since i was blown away years ago watching the Simpsons on a pair while my dentist drilled into my face, and have done some research since.

    it seems that all goggles work with EITHER ipods/DVDplayers OR computer DVD players.

    models i’ve seen are Vuzix iWear (AV230, AV310, AV920, and VR920); Sony Glasstron; iGlasses SVGA pro; Televizer II; Rimax Virtual vision glasses 3.0; ezGlasses…..

    they all look pretty geeky but so what? if i’m watching a movie inside my own personal cinema, i want the best picture (along with comfort) and i don’t care if i look stupid. some models come with light-blockers, and some are much bulkier than others.

    i’d love to see a real head-to-head review of what is out there.

  8. shirleyknott says:

    i don’t see my comment :(


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