HTC: Our new phone will be better than the Palm Pre

HTC is making an Android phone, but here's the real news: it's comparing it to the Pre. Understandable, given that both use open sourcery. But the fact remains that the conversation's changed in a way that Microsoft, for example, never achieved with Zune. We're barely days in and headlines are talking about Pre Killers, not iPhone Killers: progress in action! From Smarthouse:
Executives from Telstra who had met with Palm at the CES Show in Las Vegas to review their new Pre offering said that the new phone from HTC was "better and more functional" they said. ... The touch-screen Pre unveiled at the CES Show features a new operating system and allows users to move seamlessly from one application to another, as with a desktop computer, while also running multiple applications at the same time.
Source [Smarthouse via Engadget]

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5 Responses to HTC: Our new phone will be better than the Palm Pre

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Has anyone ever talked about an Android killer?

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    We’ve played with it in our own hands, and I think you’re maybe forgetting that Palm’s just taken a bag of cash from investors and isn’t running on empty any more.

    They will definitely deliver the device: what it has to do is make sure its app store is a big, fast hit that delivers comparable offerings to the iPhone’s, and which lets iPhone users defect in comfort.

  3. claud9999 says:

    I think it’s hilarious how everyone is fawning over the Palm Pre, which is surely not production-ready and given the state Palm is in, I would not be surprised if a fair amount of the features end up getting cut from the list when the device actually ships. Palm’s made a hail-mary pass with a lot of vaporware smoke and mirrors…Although if we’re lucky they are telling the truth.

    Needless to say, I think it’s great that others are announcing their intention to compete with Palm on this. Whether Palm delivers or not, the marketplace benefits from their great ideas.

  4. jesseg says:

    I guess I’m missing the significance of this; what kind of executive wouldn’t publicly say that their products are, or will be, better?

  5. jesseg says:

    But I guess that is a good point that he was comparing it to the Pre rather than the iPhone.

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